CategoryB06. Use of Events & Stunts
EntrantAUDI CHINA Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Kestrel Lee Freeman Executive Creative Director, China
Eugene Ng Freeman Head of Creative Services, Design
Zen Zhong 钟卓 SeasonONstage Show Director
任 元颖 SeasonONstage Cherographer
Jerry Kurniawan Freeman Senior Art Director
Wang Dan Freeman 2D Art Director
Kevin Ma Freeman Graphic Designer
Zhengyu Yan Freeman 3D Designer
Wayne Gao Freeman Account Director
Serim Yam Freeman Executive Producer
Kent Tan Freeman Videographer

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Our campaign adopted the first ever use of robotics with a theatrical live performance for a car launch. In our approach, we decided to forgo the tradition of a technological showcase and instead, adopted an innovative and emotional storytelling approach, creating a theatrical piece that combined robotic with live performance to portray a vision of a future urban living made possible by the Audi AI:ME concept car.


In the month of April where the world’s largest car market holds its bi-annual Shanghai Autoshow, 1000+ car makers will be fighting for the attention of our audience – the news media. How can the launch of Audi’s all-new concept car stand out in the month of April which is filled with car launches and sneak previews for the already hectic news media guests?

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We created Audi 25th Hour: Urban Freedom, a vision of the future urban living powered by the all-new concept car – AI:ME. The experience centre around the well-being of our news media guests, returning them the lost hours spent on the road to experience the freedom to their urban living. We adopted the first ever use of robotics with a theatrical live performance for a car launch and via an innovative and emotional storytelling, we portrayed how the all-new Audi AI:ME concept car will bring about urban freedom for the current and future urbanites.

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

In the current urban environment, a large amount of time is spent on the road, commuting between home and work every day. Statistics based on the top 10 GDP cities in China were showing that urban commuters are spending, on an average, 96.4mins to travel 20km between home and work every day. Instead of jumping on the band wagon to do yet another typical car launch filled with technological showcase, we went against the flow — by slowing things down for our urban-based news media guests and focusing the attention of the car launch back onto the well-being of our attendees.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Since the launch take place in the morning, we want to lift the spirit of our attendees and get them ready for the long day ahead that is filled with sneak previews and events. Through Audi’s vision of future mobility, we slowed down the pace of life and immersed our attendee in a relaxing indoor green environment - The Audi City. We then took our PR and news media guests on a sensory digital freedom drive to experience freedom on road, and perk them up with fresh artisan coffee made by the Audi Robotic Barista. Prior to the reveal of the Audi AI:ME, we portrayed a vision of a future urban living powered by Audi’s concept car through an innovative and emotional storytelling, combining robotics with live theratical performance to create a contrast between man and the machine, freedom and the urban jungle.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

The world premiere generated a great deal of media attention as well on WeChat and Weibo channels placing AUDI AS THE TOP BRAND IN CAR SHOW RANKING during the Shanghai Autoshow period. 2,678 Media clippings were collected from various channels which includes online clipping, APP news, prints, TVs, radio, Weibo, WeChat, Videos, BBS and Zhihu posts while reaching 401.2 million people earning 564.4 million RMB worth in PR value. The KOL appearance at the event generated a great deal of discussion, especially on Weibo channels generating 146 online posts, 29,701 engagements and 44.9 million views.