Product / ServiceB NATURAL JUICES
CategoryB07. Use of Celebrity, Influencers & Key Opinion Leaders
EntrantITC Bangalore, INDIA
Idea Creation GREY INDIA Bangalore, INDIA


Name Company Position
Gautam Bhasin Grey India Creative Group Head
Parvathy Rajmohan Grey India Copywriter
Rahul Mahajan Grey India Creative Director

Why is this work relevant for PR?

The campaign addressed the issue of the women’s repression in Punjab and not allowed to showcase their talent. Since the brand supports Punjab’s farmers, they also decided to support Punjab’s daughters and give them a platform to showcase their talent. To find a local connect & relevance among girls, the brand collaborated with Harmanpreet Kaur, Indian Women's Cricket captain who beat all odds in a deeply patriarchal state and inspired women to bring out their innate talent.


One in every 4 households in Punjab consumes juices or nectars. That's thrice the national average. The category in Punjab is highly dominated by Dabur Real, accounting for ~70% of the market share. Consumers were highly loyal to Real, having no solid reason to switch to an alternative. Though B Natural achieved a fair 45% of the total awareness, the trial ratio was stagnant and not growing. Hence the objective of this campaign was to shift the loyalty of people from Real, by building a strong emotional connect that celebrated the honest talent of the girl child in a patriarchal state like Punjab.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

The idea was to provide a platform to identify and celebrate the honest talent of a girl child in the male-dominant state of Punjab. B Natural Harman XI – The search for honest talent from a brand that gives consumers authentic juices and beverages, made with Indian fruits and not imported concentrate. It was a platform that turned the spotlight on the girl child and encouraged her to showcase her talent across different fields. To set the right example for the girls of Punjab to follow, we got the daughter of Punjab as the flag bearer of the movement. Harmanpreet Kaur, the Captain of Indian Women’s Cricket team, beat all odds in a deeply patriarchal state and inspired women to bring out their innate talent.

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

Girls between 10-17 years of age. A child’s success is the most important achievement for a parent. This achievement is dearer to a girl child in a conservative society because of the ingrained bias as the society encourages boys to do better. Leading with this insight, B Natural decided to set up a platform that celebrated girl child talent in a male-dominated region. The brand chose Harmanpreet Kaur, the daughter of Punjab and Indian Women’s cricket captain as the flagbearer of the movement, an inspiration to millions of girl children who beat all odds in a deeply patriarchal state and has encouraged women to bring out their innate talent. A multimedia campaign burst consisting of TVC, print, radio spots and social media was used. The message was amplified when Harmanpreet Kaur and 572 school girls set a Guinness World Record for physical endurance through their grit and determination.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

It was a 6-month long campaign and was implemented in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Bhatinda, Patiala & Mohali, in three phases - Phase 1: Calling for entries in leading newspapers, airing of TVC featuring Harmanpreet Kaur, supported by radio ads and social media posts - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Phase 2: PR led activation plan was chalked out in which Harmanpreet Kaur led 572 school girls set a Guinness World Record through their grit and determination by doing intense physical training as a run-up to the main event. Phase 3: A finale was organised to pick 11 winners based on their talent and flair in sports, knowledge, and art. The winners formed the Harman XI team and were featured on the limited-edition packs and print ads.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

Tier 1: Brand trials doubled to 56% after this activity. 90% PR coverage achieved with precise brand messaging that contributed to effective brand recall for the campaign. 190+ media exposures worth INR 10 million for a 1-day run-up event, was generated. Tier 2: 6000+ girls registered, 2000 girls across 6 cities participated. B Natural’s brand spontaneous awareness grew by 10% during this period. Bucking the social trend of bias towards boys, this event saw many parents encouraging their daughters to participate. Tier 3: The brand's market share doubled to 6.4% as of July 2018, the highest ever for the brand in the state.


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