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Product / ServicePET INSURANCE
CategoryB09. Launch / Re-launch
Idea Creation CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 FINCH Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ant White CHE Proximity Chief Creative Officer
Glen Dickon CHE Proximity Executive Creative Director
Cameron Bell CHE Proximity Creative Director
Sam Dickson CHE Proximity Creative Director
Garret Fitzgerald CHE Proximity Creative Director
Jen Livingston CHE Proximity Senior Producer
Nina Weiss CHE Proximity Production Assistant
Matt Thompson CHE Proximity Sound Engineer
Olivier Ledoux CHE Proximity Online Editor
Callum McGregor CHE Proximity Designer
Chris Howatson CHE Proximity Chief Executive Officer
Jamal Cassim CHE Proximity Client Partner
Emily Gray CHE Proximity Group Account Director
Danish Chan CHE Proximity Director, Brand & Culture
Sarah Cox CHE Proximity Account Manager
Sophie Doyle CHE Proximity Social Lead
Henry Clarke CHE Proximity Social Creative
Pravina Kumar CHE Proximity Senior Operations Manager
Avery Clark CHE Proximity Production Manager
David McNeil CHE Proximity Retoucher
Georgia Wright CHE Proximity PR Director
Barton Zaia CHE Proximity Senior PR Account Manager
Alex Roberts FINCH Director
Corey Esse FINCH Executive Producer
Jackie Adler FINCH Producer
Rod Bellart ARC Edit Editor
Garth Oriander Freelancer Photographer
Maria Rixen Freelancer Photography Assistant
Dennis McCarthy Collaborator Wheelchair Designer
Eric Shimp Collaborator Wheelchair Designer
Tim Chappel Collaborator Cone Designer
Gareth Davies Collaborator Cast Tattoo Designer
James Jirat Patradoon Collaborator Bandage Designer
Gemma Lasenby OMD Business Director
Dervla McGivern OMD Account Director
Chris Androulidakis OMD Trading Manager
April Nicholson OMD Senior Trader
Laura Wilson RACV General Manager Marketing
Max Garrido RACV Senior Marketing Manager Home
John Brunckhorst RACV Marketing Manager Home
Courtney Dufty RACV Marketing Consultant
Celia Murray RACV Social Media Specialist
Stephanie McCormack RACV Media and Communications Advisor

Why is this work relevant for PR?

RACV is famous in Australia for car insurance. But with a limited budget, RACV needed to launch their new Pet Insurance with enough credibility to take on the market leader and the most trusted animal welfare brand in the world, the RSPCA. We couldn’t simply advertise our way to credibility amongst pet owners and vets and we definitely couldn’t convince Australians to choose us over RSPCA just because we told them to. We needed an idea that punched above its weight.


RACV is one of Australia’s most iconic motor insurers. They operate in Victoria, a state with almost 6 million people. In 2018, RACV decided to diversify and enter the pet insurance game. Not only was a motor insurer extending into the niche area of pet insurance, but they also needed to convince people to choose them over RSPCA pet insurance, the market leader and most trusted animal brand in the country. Australia is a nation of pet owners. 62% of households have a pet, spending roughly $12.2 billion each year. But only 6% of Australian pets are insured. People clearly love their pets, they just weren’t buying pet insurance. The brief was to launch the insurance to a consumer and industry audience, generating sales, positive sentiment, and column inches.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We designed thousands of bespoke, badass veterinary products. Then fitted them to injured animals at the one place they all congregate – animal hospitals. All to launch RACV Overconfidence Cover. The first pet insurance that acknowledged animals are batshit crazy – and so is not insuring them. Our Overconfident Vet Supplies included bandages, cones and wheelchairs that celebrated risk-taking pets. Made in collaboration with world-leading designers including the car designers from The Fast and the Furious, the costume designers from Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Lifestyle Channel tattoo stars Bondi Ink. We distributed the range via ten Australian animal hospitals. Each product came with a code that activated Overconfidence Cover. Vets used the tough medical-grade aids on their patients. And the patched up pets became Instagram-worthy ambassadors for the brand via their proud owner’s social media accounts. And starred in a major advertising campaign.

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

This was a two-part PR campaign with tailored strategies to both trade and consumer press. Creating credibility around a social problem. We launched with a data-led story to consumer media to demonstrate underinsurance of Australian pets. We formed a strategic partnership with 10 iconic animal hospitals which allowed us to leverage their expertise and credibility as well as their data. It provided us access to experts in the field and spokespeople to create storytelling opportunities around pet illnesses and accidents and how to keep pets safe. We also seeded the story to insurance and veterinary industry trade publications to drive awareness. Cuteness wasn’t enough. To drive talkability we collaborated with four internationally acclaimed artists to design vet supplies which showcased the bold attitude of pets while tangibly featuring insurance cover. We then created extensive media opportunities with each of the artists to garner further awareness and signs ups.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The campaign ran over two months, with the first phase taking place in January this year. The second phase was actioned in February – although the strategic partnership we negotiated is a yearlong.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

Tier 1 182 pieces of coverage were achieved with strong TV broadcast penetration across consumer, insurance trade and pet verticals, with the breakdown of: 4 Broadcast TV, 14 Print, 164 Online. Due to the success of the campaign, there was a halo effect of international coverage and organic social pick-ups. A total Audience Reach of 95,800,000 was achieved with most of the coverage indicating key messages and spokesperson inclusion. Tier 2 The campaign significantly outperformed the category, with more than 1 in 3 pet owners who saw the campaign taking a positive action and 60% of pet owners who saw the campaign believing RACV was a trustworthy pet insurer. 100% positive sentiment was achieved across the target audience which bucked a trend from previous new product launches from the brand which were met with cynicism. Facebook reach was 850k, with an engagement rate of 85%. Tier 3 The core objective was to increase sales of RACV Pet Insurance and we smashed our target in just a few weeks. The launch of Overconfidence Cover saw a 350% increase in sales, achieving our target in just the first month of the campaign. RACV sales grew at a rate of 17 times the category. Making it one of the most successful integrated campaigns of a new product for RACV in years.