Product / ServiceGOOGLE DUO
CategoryB07. Use of Celebrity, Influencers & Key Opinion Leaders
Media Placement PHD INDONESIA Jakarta, INDONESIA


Name Company Position
Dewi Pintokoratri Toaster Ltd Executive Producer
Petra Ferdinan Toaster Ltd Producer
Anirudh Chohan Toaster Ltd Strategy Lead
Vinod Savio Toaster Ltd Executive Creative Director
Meyvi Wedelia Toaster Ltd Associate Creative Director
Satria Partala Pamungkas Toaster Ltd Senior Copywriter
Prayudha Bimo Aryotejo Toaster Ltd Senior Art Director
Mujib Jamin Toaster Ltd Motion Graphic Editor
Oliver Dooley Toaster Ltd Head of Technology
Kencana Kesuma Toaster Ltd Front End Developer
Samit Malkani Google Head of Brand Marketing, SEA & India
Ishak Reza Google Creative lead, Consumer Apps, Indonesia
Sasha Sunu Google Product Marketing Manager

Why is this work relevant for PR?

In today’s social media and mobile-first hyped environment, the Google Duo Father’s Day campaign was a first in Indonesia that combined ambient large scale OOH media for awareness with relevant, viral content to drive mass engagement on social media achieving similar results to previous campaigns such as British Airways #lookup billboard campaign in London. The resulting PR, media articles and TV coverage made it the most talked about topic in Indonesia, translating into $240K+ worth of earned media value.


Google Duo is the most easy to use video calling app that brings you face-to-face with all the people that matter most. In Indonesia, and in other parts of the world, the app is rated as the highest quality video calling app. The opportunity lay in educating users on the highest quality video calls one can enjoy with Google Duo, especially when it matters the most - when you need to connect with loved ones. In a country with some of the numbers of highest video call users in the world*, we needed to raise awareness of Duo’s features and benefits and drive social conversations particularly on Father’s Day. We also wanted to drive up usage of Google Duo while bringing users face-to-face with all the people that matter most to them.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We began with the insight that most working adults live away from parents as they work in the city and only visit their family on weekends or special occasions. The only way these people stay in touch is through video calls and so on father's day we had an opportunity to re-ignite the value of relationships and create a memorable moment. We came up with the creative big idea to celebrate fathers in a socially relevant and engaging way - “Let’s Duo: Don’t wait for Father’s Day to video call your dad.” While most brands spend thousands on Father’s Day to target millions of users, we decided to target just one person - Ringgo Agus Rahman, a well known local comedian and social media influencer.

Describe the strategy (30% of vote)

We aimed the campaign at young Indonesians aged 25-32 years old. They’re highly connected and digitally savvy. They live busy lives and are often guilty of not making enough time for their parents on a regular basis. As our key audience, we wanted to drive up usage using a socially relevant, humorous and viral campaign that could grab their attention while driving take up of the app. Our media strategy involved working together with Ringgo’s dad to surprise Ringgo with a personal message from his father that played on a billboard in the middle of Jakarta city. We then turned to social media for help, asking them to tag Ringgo with a reminder to video call his dad. We used Duo's UI to tell our story reaching every fan of the influencer and creating an organic campaign that far exceeded the reach of the paid media channels of digital OOH.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Running over one day, Father’s Day, the ad was a social media win, allowing everyone with a phone to tag the influencer and influence him to call his dad on DUO. Thereby raising awareness of the brand and product organically amongst all social media followers. Duo is a mobile based video calling app and we used the app's UI to tell our story through digital OOH to get everyone to reach out to their parents via the app. The campaign was designed to get people to organically use the app and spread the word of the social stunt to make the day of one very special dad and son. A campaign that showed the real power of mobile is in bringing people together.

List the results (30% of vote) – must include at least two of the following tiers:

Thousands of Indonesia’s social media netizens came to Ringgo’s dad’s aid, with some users posting tweets and posts with over 200 likes. A happily surprised Ringgo quickly got the message and called his dad on Google Duo, and the entire moving conversation was captured and shared widely on social media as well. The resulting media articles and TV coverage made it the most talked about topic in Indonesia, translating into $240K+ worth of earned media value. Over +1M social media and digital users were reached and the campaign resulted in 5% more daily active users than average on Fathers Day without any increase in media spend. Making it the best best Father’s day ever for Papa Ringgo. The campaign helped position Google Duo as a place for close relationships by relating to youth on Father’s day and driving up usage and awareness.