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CategoryA06. Innovative use of Technology
Idea Creation ADCOLONY Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation 2 STARCOM Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES
Media Placement ADCOLONY Singapore, SINGAPORE
Media Placement 2 STARCOM Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES
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Name Company Position
Vasant Karkera AdColony Creative Designer
Gajender Kausthik AdColony Creative Director


Although Samsung is Philippines’ undisputed market leader in the fast-paced and competitive smartphone market, total sales reached a plateau as the purchase cycle has now lengthened. Frequent new product launches have made consumers feel the lack of real innovation and urgency to purchase, and driven by more durable smartphones. Samsung Philippines wanted to reignite excitement in the category to compel their consumers to purchase by amplifying their product superiority via innovative executions. To celebrate the first decade of its blockbuster Galaxy S smartphones and the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Philippines wanted to go beyond generating buzz in traditional media and digital channels by amplifying the next-generation experience on the interactive mobile screen. The objectives were to maintain sales leadership by communicating the striking design advantages and differentiating features of the new Galaxy S10, and to further amplify engagement between the brand and its target audience.

Describe the creative idea

Samsung has always emphasized the unique and differentiating features of its Galaxy S series devices across multi-screen channels. Samsung envisioned the Galaxy S10 as a pioneering device that would catapult them towards another decade of groundbreaking smartphone technology. To highlight the cutting-edge features of the Galaxy S10, the creative strategy was to give customers a taste of the next-generation innovations via a simulated experience through an Interactive HD Video execution on the mobile ad. The best way to excite and captivate attention was to ensure the experience mirror what was important to the users. The month-long nationwide digital campaign targeted mid- to high-end users in highly urbanized city centers. Defined audience segment targeting was utilized to serve ads to users of specific smartphone units, including rival brands playing in the same category as the S10 mirroring passion points relevant to them - across top Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology, Gaming apps.

Describe the strategy

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s target audience is mobile-savvy and technologically-inclined. As they are up-to-date on the latest technology trends, innovation is their minimum expectation from smartphone brands. The majority of these individuals live in cities and utilize their smartphones to consume relevant content, connect with their peers, and manage their lifestyles using the latest apps. Building on the decade-long legacy of its Galaxy series, Samsung wanted to breathe innovation into their digital marketing campaign by utilizing an Interactive HD Video together with a Dynamic End Card to build an interactive mobile unit and enable viewers to experience the three striking new features of the Galaxy S10.

Describe the execution

The intent of the campaign was to arrest any sales loss by sustaining brand advocacy among loyal Samsung users and creating product desire among smartphone users loyal to rival brands. The strategy was to educate consumers on the Samsung Galaxy S10’s three differentiating features through a highly engaging mobile experience. To target the audience segment effectively, the mobile campaign was served to users across top Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology, Gaming apps. The mobile ad started with a lively music video using an Interactive HD Video. The video paused in three key interaction points that required users to perform specific actions: 1) “Swipe up” for an “Infinite Experience,” introducing the S10’s Maximized Infinity-O Display Screen; 2) “Tap and Hold to Unlock” simulating the intelligent Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner feature; and 3) “Swipe Down” revealing the breadth and depth of the True Vision Multi-Camera. On the Dynamic End Card, users could explore the key features by tapping on their respective icons. Hotspots also enabled sneak peeks of the color variants of the new Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+. A Learn More button led users to Samsung website where users may opt to learn about the phone, check out the latest promotions, or purchase online.

List the results

The mobile campaign reached over 4.1M people. Engagement rate was 144.72%, above the industry benchmark of 2%. Average time spent was 143 seconds, above the industry benchmark of 8 seconds. Video completion rate was 68.96%, above the industry benchmark of 60%. Viewability was an excellent 91% (MOAT), above the industry benchmark of 50%. Combining great visuals with bold interaction was a brilliant strategy to encourage existing Samsung users to continue supporting the brand whilst creating product desire among potential consumers loyal to rival brands. Samsung retained dominant market leadership, and sales targets were sustained from launch to sustaining phase, going against the norm of declining trajectory post-campaign launch - making the Samsung Galaxy S10 the best-selling Flagship Smartphone to date. It outsold all of its predecessors of the last five years, resulting in an increase in market share from 57% in Q1 2019 to 66% in Q2 2019.