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Melo Esguerra Love Is All We Need Coalition Chairperson
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The Metro Manila Pride March only happens in one location, once a year. And every year, a lot of supporters face the same problem: they want to go but can’t make it physically to the parade due to practical reasons on logistics, schedule, distance, and other important affairs in conflict with date or venue.

Describe the creative idea

Globe, the number 1 telco in the Philippines, in partnership with Team Magazine and Love Is All We Need Coalition, introduced Pride March Everywhere. Inventing a new way to march for people who couldn’t make it physically to the parade. How? 1) Open your Google Maps and enter your walking route 2) Screencap it and trace the route using any rainbow color 3) Share it on social media with the hashtag. By combining the geolocation technology of Google maps, the convenience of mobile, the power of social, and a heart for equality, we turned people’s stride into a march for Pride. So everyone can march together for Pride from wherever they are.

Describe the strategy

The target was bullseye: people who have a heart for equality who want to go to the Pride March but couldn't make it physically to the parade because of practical reasons -- they are not in town or they have work or they have classes or they are too far away, among many other reasons. We wanted to make all forms of support count because any kind of help helps. So we decided to turn their desire to join the parade into real support for Metro Manila Pride March. Whether they are out of town exploring a new city or they are on their way to school or they are walking to their next meeting, we wanted them to join the numbers and support Metro Manila Pride March by turning their walk to wherever into a march for equality.

Describe the execution

The idea combined the geolocation technology of Google maps, the convenience of mobile, the power of social, and people’s support for equality to create a way to turn people’s stride into a march for Pride from wherever they are. The communication was first launched on our social media platforms five days before the actual parade, demonstrating how people can march together for Pride, orchestrated to happen simultaneously at a specific time for one day only. With the help of our media partner Team Magazine and the LGBTQ+ network of tribes, allies and supporters from Love Is All We Need Coalition, the campaign kept reminding people every day, for five days, all the way to Pride March of one single thing: if they can't make it to the parade, they can pride march with the rest of Metro Manila Pride, from wherever they are through their mobile phones.

List the results

The campaign was instantly picked up by TV networks, publications, magazines, celebrities, and Filipino netizens who rallied behind the campaign. Enabling allies and supporters from around the Philippines and the world to march together with Metro Manila Pride March from wherever they are. Within one week, it reached over 26 million impressions, and gathered pride marches from 107 locations around the world -- including cities from around the Philippines and across the world like Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Las Vegas, Taipei, Osaka, Tokyo, HongKong, Seoul, Cologne.