Product / ServicePETROLEUM
CategoryB01. Mobile Websites
Additional Company GS CALTEX CORP. Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Additional Company 2 THE VREEZE Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Kiyoung Kim Innocean Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Junghwa Son Innocean Worldwide Creative Director
Hoon Chun Innocean Worldwide Copywriter
Yesul Lim Innocean Worldwide Art Director
Sewon Kim Innocean Worldwide Copywriter
Jongpil Kim Innocean Worldwide Sr. account director
Choongsik Nam Innocean Worldwide Account Director
San Kim Innocean Worldwide Account Executive
Injae Hwang Innocean Worldwide Account Executive
Sangdeok Lee Mustache film Director
Jongin Kim Love and money Assistant Director
Heemin Kim Love and money Assistant Director
Jiwoong Kim Love and money Producer
Heeyoung Cheon Vixen Editor
Junho Lee Vixen 2d director
Sunglae Hong KISS FM Sound Engineer
Mike Chi freelancer Voice actor
Joohee Yoon The Vreeze Platform designer
Sangyi Won The Vreeze Platform designer
Seoniel Back The Vreeze Platform designer
Bora Lee The Vreeze Platform designer
Hyunjun Lee The Vreeze Platform designer
Myeongho Jang The Vreeze Platform designer
Seun Park The Vreeze Platform designer
Changkug Choi The Vreeze Platform designer
Younghak Kim The Vreeze Platform designer
Hongseok Choi The Vreeze Platform designer


An IT leader of South Korea is all generation uses digital device actively. GS Caltex analyzes behavior pattern of a messenger, which is used the most among all generations. As a result, the casual short message of every generation on the messenger is actively exchanged, but many are hesitant in expressing their feelings honestly. Therefore, GS Caltex wanted to create an environment in which it could easily express and share its hidden feelings more comfortably within its digital platform.

Describe the creative idea

We all have experience deleting our messages before sending it to someone. An energy company, GS Caltex, which thinks to communicate each other becoming a new source of energy, builds a platform to decrease a burden of expressing our inner feelings in more fun and easy way in terms of identifying component morpheme of typed sentences that express inner feelings for those who are hesitant to show their real feelings. Also, we launched four episodes that show the moment when people need a Sentence Emoji platform through each generational bonding in order to encourage more people to express their feelings. This Short Film was produced in the proportion of mobile phone in terms of the lifestyle of modern people, who actually talk via mobile messages. By doing so, it has received much sympathy from various generations and achieved more than 5 million views in just a month.

Describe the strategy

GS Caltex focuses on how Korean get used to communicating with each other using emojis in a digital environment. However, we think that there is a limit as Emoji itself to express real feelings although it is good for short and simple communication. So, we set a strategy to develop its communicating platform to express our feeling easily under the circumstance of keeping people’s digital behavior. Also, We carry out our episodes according to most used digital media based on each generation; Youtube and Instagram for teenage and twenties and Facebook for thirties and forties in order to optimize its contents. In addition, GS Caltex uses its owned media such as Instagram, Facebook, and blog actively to encourage people to use it by introducing stories by using converted Sentence Emoji.

Describe the execution

GS Caltex puts the priority of mobile optimization related to campaign elements, which are focused on the characteristics of a messenger. We stay focused on UI/UX components for Sentence Emoji to work fast and perfect on various smartphone devices; create it to do the secondhand experience of the campaign on an individual’s phone as well as create four episodes as vertical videos to fit into a mobile environment. In addition, when people type in cheerful messages such as ‘cheer up’, ‘keep it up’, and ‘you can do it’, those cheerful messages are converted to ‘I am your Energy,’ which is a GS Caltex’s slogan to deliver its value and make people experience GS Caltex indirectly.

List the results

There is such a low brand awareness and visitors on their website since an energy company is considered as B2B. However, throughout this campaign, visitors of the official website become 2 million views during a month. Our campaign allows people to feel more close to the brand and increases brand awareness. More than 500,000 emoji messages were shared in just a month after the campaign launch, and four episodes have over 5 million views in total. More than 20 media and press have covered it to the public, and the numbers continue to rise. Also, campaign page view becomes 1.42 million.

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