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Product / ServiceHUNGRY PUFFS
CategoryG05. Breakthrough on a Budget
Additional Company FOODBANK Perth, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Charmaine Don Foodbank WA Marketing and Communications Manager
Marcus Tesoriero The Brand Agency Executive Creative Director
Dean Hunt The Brand Agency Creative Director
Nathan Teoh The Brand Agency Head of Art
Matt Wilson The Brand Agency Copywriter
Hayden Griffiths The Brand Agency Art Director
Emma Sadler The Brand Agency Business Director
Katrina Strugnell The Brand Agency Production Manager
Sarah Kappeler The Brand Agency Senior Account Manager
Tony Monaghan The Brand Agency Public Relations Manager
Dan Agostino The Brand Agency Head of Design
Janice Law The Brand Agency Designer
Luke Lucas The Brand Agency Digital Designer
Sofia Varano Della Vergiliana The Brand Agency Illustrator
Matt Taylor The Brand Agency Designer
Paul Hamilton The Brand Agency Head of Technology
Peter Farrell The Brand Agency Front End Developer
Matt Popkes The Brand Agency Head of Digital Strategy
Emily Colman The Brand Agency Strategist
Caitlin Jacobs The Brand Agency Producer
Mason Truong The Brand Agency Content Creator
Julian Farnan The Brand Agency Finished Artist
Angela Naaykens The Brand Agency Head of Media & Analytics
Jodie Allen The Brand Agency Media Planner & Buyer
Pete Townsend The Brand Agency Content Creator
Anna-Nicole Del-Re The Brand Agency Creative Services Manager

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Competing with a clutter of charities advertising in traditional media channels in the lead up to Christmas, Hungry Puffs used the supermarket shelf as a core medium to get attention. Hungry Puffs is a new brand of cereal we created that’s totally empty – and we convinced over 40 major supermarkets throughout the state to give up valuable shelf space to stock it. In the ‘moment of truth’ when shoppers were buying food for their own families, they were suddenly encouraged to support a much bigger cause and help feed kids that go without breakfast every day.


We needed to raise money and awareness to support Foodbank in delivering emergency food relief and breakfast programs to hungry children across Western Australia after the Government cut funding to the charity by $323,000 per annum just a month before Christmas. The aim was to fill the funding gap to ensure food relief programs weren't cancelled and to raise awareness of the growing hunger crisis in the country - with more than 1 in 5 children experiencing food insecurity each year in Australia. The total budget was $15,000 AUD - making a traditional advertising campaign almost impossible to achieve.

Describe the creative idea/insights (30% of vote)

We created a new cereal brand, called Hungry Puffs – The breakfast over 100,000 West Aussie kids wake up to every day – nothing. In the lead-up to Christmas, entirely empty boxes of Hungry Puffs were stocked in over 40 major supermarket cereal aisles across Western Australia. Grocery shoppers who were in the process of buying food for their own families were suddenly encouraged to support a much bigger cause – and help feed children who go without breakfast every day. To turn a box of nothing into something, shoppers simply had to purchase Hungry Puffs at check-out along with their weekly groceries. Every $5 box provided 10 children with their next meal.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Previously, Foodbank’s donation appeals involved a traditional advertising campaign pleading for help, with the hope the public will make donations at a later point. This year our strategy was to craft an idea with a more immediate response and create a ‘moment of truth’ - we wanted to get the attention of grocery shoppers while in the process of buying food for their own families in supermarkets across the state. Shoppers were confronted with an easy opportunity to support a much bigger cause – and help feed children who go without breakfast every day. All they needed to do was add an empty box of Hungry Puffs to their trolley along with their other groceries.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Despite being an empty box, we treated Hungry Puffs as you would any new retail product and looked for ways to stand out in a busy supermarket environment in the lead up to Christmas. We studied other cereal brands packaging and design techniques, deciding to use a series of popular cereal brand tropes, but with a stark, black and white design, and a few dark twists – like the creation of a ‘sad child’ character and an empty bowl. Convincing over 40 IGA supermarkets across Western Australia to give up valuable shelf space was key to ensuring the campaign was big enough to make a real difference. The campaign was further supported by an online store, in-store sampling stands (bowls of nothing), a low budget TV, print, radio and social media campaign that gathered support from celebrities, politicians, influencers and food bloggers throughout Australia and across the world.

List the results (30% of vote)

In 4 weeks, the Hungry Puffs campaign resulted in the creation of 625,770 meals for Western Australian children and raised $312,885. 62,577 boxes of Hungry Puffs were sold. Donations to Foodbank also more than doubled during the campaign period. Receiving 2.4 times more donations on the previous year (2017 to 2018). Hungry Puffs produced a 1973% return on investment for Foodbank - on a total campaign budget of $15,000 AUD. The positive attention and publicity gained from Hungry Puffs helped overturn a proposed government funding cut. Instead the government agreed to double their funding over the next four years. Foodbank has just reached an agreement with major supermarket chain, IGA which will see Hungry Puffs stocked in a further 208 stores across the state by the end of 2019. Through this gained momentum, Kellogg's has also got onboard to support the 2019 campaign, further funding and promoting Hungry Puffs.


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