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Product / ServiceCHAKRA TEA
CategoryG01. Local Brand


Name Company Position
Sudesh Samaria Dentsu Webchutney Chief Creative Officer
Gurbaksh Singh Dentsu Webchutney Chief Creative Technologist
Vishal Sagar Dentsu Webchutney Creative Director
Hemant Kumar Dentsu Webchutney Interactive Lead
Govind Singh Dentsu Webchutney Art Director

Why is this work relevant for Media?

This work is specifically made for the brand and one of its core audience. It creates a media where none exists. The media is specifically relevant to the audience and holds a dear place in their lives. It is a whole new way of looking at media as it creates a relation not just communication.


Chakra tea is one of the leading names in UP. It caters to SEC B and C. The brand’s success can be estimated by the fact that there are over 50 lookalike brands in the market. There is a second set of regional brands that try to lure consumers on the basis of pricing and offers. And the brand faces threat from multinational players who need no introduction and have deep pockets to run mass media campaigns. Objectives This initiative was started with following objectives: a. To create brand love for the brand b. To delight the core audience by making tea breaks more refreshing c. To be seen as an innovative brand in the tea category d. To generate and create loyalty by creating clear brand differentiation

Describe the creative idea/insights (30% of vote)

We figured out that workers take 4-5 tea breaks during the day. It is the only time when they relax and get some time for themselves. After speaking to a lot of them, we realised that after a hard day, they don’t have energy to do anything once they get home. They have no place for entertainment in their lives. To make tea breaks more refreshing, we created Chai-Fi. An innovative tea kettle that generates wi-fi when heated to make chai. It simply turns heat into electricity that powers a wi-fi. The free wi-fi enabled workers to connect to news, sports, movies, music and even their families. Chai-Fi redefined the tea breaks by giving it more meaning. Workers started looking forward to the breaks even more. 100 such tea-kettles were distributed to tea sellers who registered a considerable increase in business.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Strategy was simple. We needed to create a clear differentiation for the brand. And we decided to show people that Chakra Tea is a brand that cares and is highly innovative too. It is also keeping up with times. We created an innovation to impact lives of two of our target audience group and then created a video to showcase it to the rest of our audience and the world. This was to help us achieve brand love, clear differentiation from regional players and highlight the brand’s commitment and capability to multinational players.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Chakra Tea launched an innovative tea kettle that is now being distributed at tea stalls popular with workers. As the kettle is heated to make tea, it also generates Wi-Fi that is then made available to workers for free. They use the free Wi-Fi to connect to their favourite videos, music, movies, sports, news shows and even family members. Chakra Tea has supplied workers in India with 100 kettles that convert the energy from the boiling process into power enabling wi-fi connectivity, so that they can connect online while on work breaks.

List the results (30% of vote)

117 Kettles deployed. 103,000 + Workers Connected to Chai-Fi. 30 Million Minutes of Content Consumed PR worth 7 Million INR 13% growth in sales

Please tell us about the brand in relation to the locality or market where the product/service is distributed

Chakra tea is a renowned tea brand in Central India. It caters to a wide audience with its range of teas. Central India is a lucrative market given its size. Chakra Tea’s turf is under threat from both international and regional players. While international players have deep pockets to create noise in the market, regional players use competitive price tactics to their advantage. In such times, Chakra Tea needs to be seen as not just any other tea brand but a brand that really cares.