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Product / ServiceTENCENT CHARITY
CategoryA02. Fiction & Non-Fiction Film: 5-30 minutes
EntrantLINK FILMS Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation LINK FILMS Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation 2 TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Production LINK FILMS Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Akae Wang Tencent ECD
David TASI LINKFILMS Copywriter

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

This film is Tencent's first public welfare story to be promoted in documentary. Published on 99 Public Welfare Day and involved in public participation. This film, which combines online public campaign "A meme gallery" with online campaign, successfully launched an unprecedented online gallery for the brain palsy patient "Xiaolong Zhang". And successfully raised 15 million RMB in five hours as the sustainable development fund of WABC public welfare organization. The documentary is advertised in the form of entertainment movies and is broadcast simultaneously on major social media, which also won the Gold Award for Best.


99 Public Welfare is China Public Welfare Day launched by Tencent. This documentary is a story about children with cerebral palsy and autism warming up for Public Welfare Week. Through art education, they find the language to express themselves and communicate with the world.

Describe the creative idea

For 30 years, a pair of mother and son, stick together and help each other in difficulties. For 30 years, son suffered from cerebral palsy, mother lives as most unprivileged. For 30 years, she found her own way to walk through the dark. He tried to make her not alone. For 30 years, these two trapped-on-land fishes moisten each other with moisture and spit to survive. A bowl of egg Fried rice, a turtle, a painting, a bathtub, laundry, this family leads an ordinary life. But with his cerebral palsy, her companion, his tenacity, and her peace, the fate also brought something extraordinary to this pair of mother and son. A er living together for 30 years, they can never be separated from each other. Like Chuang-tzu said in The Grand Master: Spring has dried up, fishes are trapped on the land. So they moisten.

Describe the strategy

Use entertainment video to speak out the story of "friends with disabilities" about human developing, evokes resonance. Later, the online social event "A meme gallery" was published to create a nationwide booming phenomenon of fund-raising.

Describe the execution

The film starts with an online campaign to raise money. Creating propagation fission effect

Describe the outcome

Although the film did not create traffic, the film, on the contrary, touched countless people in major documentaries and advertising festivals and became a short film masterpiece. At the same time, online influence is somewhat affected by it. It has set an unprecedented record for China's public welfare to raise 15 million yuan in five hours.


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