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Product / ServiceVICKS INDIA
CategoryA01. Fiction & Non-Fiction Film: Up to 5 minutes
PR 20:20 MSL Mumbai, INDIA
Production OFFROAD FILMS Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Ajay Thrivikraman Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Mihir Dhairyawan Publicis Singapore Creative Group Head
Jocelyn Chabanis Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Eugene Pua Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Natalie Vander Vorst Publicis Singapore Regional Director
Prachi Partagalkar Publicis Singapore Regional Group Account Director
Jess Geli Publicis Singapore Senior Account Director
Maninder Bali Publicis Singapore Regional Group Account Director
Alicia Chew Publicis Singapore Account Manager
Ed Booty Publicis Singapore Chief Strategy Officer
Josh Roth Publicis Singapore Planner
Elaine Ho Publicis Singapore Planner
Vanessa Chua Publicis Singapore Project Manager
Lolita Ham Publicis Singapore Agency Producer
Deepa Limaye Publicis Singapore Agency Producer
Khalil Bachooali OffRoad Films Executive Producer
Anand Gandhi OffRoad Films Director
Fahad Pathan OffRoad Films Producer
David Foulkes OffRoad Films Cinematographer
Abhirama Kanekar OffRoad Films Producer
Nitin Zihani OffRoad Films Production Designer

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

As noted by many, this film is not just an ad. It goes beyond. It was not made as a way to push a product but as a film with a message, one made to change the way people think, only the way popular art can. It was designed to look and feel like a cinematic, emotional piece and was made to be a film that people voluntarily watch and talk about, instead of being forced to watch. The audience we gathered and the interest from mainstream media seem to suggest it was done right.


Everyone in India knows Vicks. First entering the market as a little jar of VapoRub and becoming the no.1 cough and cold relief brand. Having soothed cough and colds for three generations, the brand is synonymous with ‘Family Care’. For decades Vicks traded on this familiarity in communications; delivering product news wrapped in reassuringly warm and familiar slices of family life. By 2016, a new generation of progressive Indian Parents had emerged. Defining themselves against the past, the brand of their childhood was now the last thing they’d choose; instead seeking seemingly more effective and contemporary brands. Sentiment towards the brand was in decline, led by these younger consumers. The brand had to reconnect with a new generation of Indians- whose deep familiarity with us had now become our biggest weakness. Our objective was to reignite their latent affection for the brand and to reinstate Vicks as a cultural icon.

Describe the creative idea

Today, in India, the idea of ‘family’ has evolved. It is no longer defined by just blood ties and shared surnames, but by who cares for you, and who you care for. With this simple premise, in 2017, we launched the ‘Touch of Care’ Campaign to celebrate true-life stories of extraordinary care. And today, ‘Touch of Care’ has truly become a multi-country platform. This year we shared with the world yet another extraordinary story of care. A story of an orphaned girl - Nisha - with a rare skin disease called Ichthyosis. In India, being born disabled is considered to be a result of bad karma in the past life. We decided to take this belief head on because Vicks believes that EVERY CHILD DESERVES THE TOUCH OF CARE.

Describe the strategy

The opportunity for Vicks was to celebrate the power of care to redefine what family is in modern India. These weren’t stories we could create. Families defined just by care already existed but were unacknowledged. Our role was simply to help them tell their own stories with respect and honesty - demonstrating our belief that everyone deserves a Touch of Care. We shared the story of Nisha. An orphan who tells of the importance of care - as one of only 42 special-needs orphans adopted each year in a country of 1.3 billion. This was not just another advert, but branded documentary content to be discovered and shared exclusively on social media as internet penetration in urban India is 60% and 45% of time spent on mobile is spent on entertainment. Since our TG was young urban families, we decided to do an online film.

Describe the execution

It was an online film that was widely shared in India. Launched on the 10th of October 2018 by some of India's brightest youth icons in Mumbai, the film was lauded by national as well as international press. Film stars, politicians, sports icons, celebrity influencers, all showered their love on this campaign. Many people even pledged to adopt after viewing the film. CARA, the government authority for adoptions in India backed the campaign by sharing it on their website and social media accounts. They also created a radio campaign to promote adoption of disabled children. But the biggest reach was when they shared the film with prospective adoptive parents at orphanages in India. We also launched the Vicks Touch of Care Fund to inspire more acts of care.

Describe the outcome

(Although it sounds hyperbolic) the brand once again became a cultural force. This Touch of Care story proved that the platform was highly topical and salient across India. 31.4 million film views through all social platforms. 243.6 million overall campaign reach across channels. +21% sales in the month of launch (YOY) +1.5pts in overall Vicks share


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