Product / ServiceRED BULL
CategoryB03. Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Idea Creation Y&R VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


Name Company Position
Beer Poonnotok VMLY&R Indochina Indochina Chief Creative Officer
Nick Nakpil VMLY&R Indochina Creative Group Head
Gian Carlo Panlilio VMLY&R Indochina Senior Art Director
Beer Poonnotok VMLY&R Indochina Indochina Chief Creative Officer
Neena Felizzi Gatdula VMLY&R Indochina Senior Art Director
Joaquin Montesclaros VMLY&R Indochina Creative Group Head
Eljay Pena Freelancer Photographer
Tai Hoang Alta Media Technology Specialist
An Phan T Stop Director
Thanh Ngo T Stop Cinematographer
Son Dang VMLY&R Indochina Digital Strategist
Andre Chen VMLY&R Indochina Account Director
Thinh Le VMLY&R Indochina Senior Account Executive
Daniel Hung VMLY&R Indochina Account Executive

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

In Vietnam, there are still communities filled with aspiring dreamers who don’t have access to properly lit areas to pursue their dreams when the sun sets. We discovered that it’s not the lack of passion or motivation, but the absence of facilities that give dreamers a venue where they can keep charging ahead. As the ambassador for Charging Ahead Into Your Dream, we created a solution that not only gave light to communities of dreamers, but repurposed our cans as a renewable source that generates energy from the sun to directly give light to football fields, basketball courts and parks.


While Vietnam continues to rise as one of the top developing countries in Asia, there are still communities filled with aspiring dreamers who don’t have access to light in areas where they want to continue pursuing their passions. With 8 out of 10 Vietnamese having Unfinished dreams, there is a great opportunity to give back the energy to a community of aspiring dreamers. The brief was to maximize the full potential of how Red Bull walks the talk into helping people reach their dreams. In order for our campaign to be effective, we need our brand to go where the people are.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

As the leading energy drink in Vietnam, Red Bull wanted to elevate the category standards by not being just another energy drink. But genuinely creating modern and innovative solutions that solve real human needs. What if we found a way to transform 2,475 Red Bull cans to absorb and store thermal energy during the day and turn It into electrical energy to give life to dreamers at night? Red Bull presents— 'Give Life to The Night', An L.E.D. billboard powered by 2,475 Red Bull cans that absorb and store energy from the sun to light up the night.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

In spite of how Vietnam has rapidly risen as a top developing country in Asia, just a couple of minutes away from the city center lies poorly lit communities filled with dreamers who thirst for pursuing their dreams. Since the brand's revamped communication launch of "Charge Ahead Into Your Dream", we took it upon ourselves to be the ambassadors that genuinely helped make people's dreams a reality. This campaign directly focuses on locations where people pursue their dreams with Red Bull not just a drink that gives functional energy. But a brand that gives back the energy to a community.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

We installed the billboard around basketball courts, parks and football fields where dreamers flocked to pursue their dreams during the day, but lacked the resource of light to continue carrying on their dream. To create the massive billboard made from energy-generating cans of Red Bull, we began by painting each aluminum Red Bull can black to better absorb thermal energy. Then, we attached TEG panels as semiconductors that transform the movement of electrons between the hot and cold side into electric energy. Finally, we created a custom power-bank to store all the energy gathered during the day and use it to light up the night. The billboard itself was tilted to maximize the absorption of heat from the sun during the day as it automatically turned on at 6pm, when the sun goes out.

List the results (30% of vote)

Since its launch last September 15, 2018, the billboard has given life to over 4 thousand dreamers, estimating a total of 4,925 added hours for people to get closer to their dreams. And dreamers didn't just show up and play, but the campaign became the talk of the town online. People even went as far as requesting for the billboard in their own communities. The billboard lit up with no added outsourced electricity emissions. It garnered 23.5+ Million in Total Reach with Over 55k USD in added PR Value. But more importantly, our campaign kickstarted a brighter future— where our technology can one day reach the lives of every dreamer in Vietnam.