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Christy Yan Bluefocus Digital Associate Creative Director

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Oreo Summer is a special marketing plan for Oreo sales in the off-season. It comes bundled with the most common and summery product in summer: ice cream. And by virtue of their own good taste integration, opened up more summer Oreo eating, but also for the overall improvement of the brand.


In hot season, most people think ice cream as a good thing. So in the summer, as the leisure snacks Oreo is not prominent competitive, and we are going to achieve through this case, to turn people's nature that people love eating ice in summer. Let the Oreo original ways to add ice cream and the form of the game. Let consumer experience, interactive, expand the influence.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Play with ice cream to achieve a win-win category

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

By comparing Oreo sales across seasons, consumer feedback, business focus, and what Oreo marketing has been all about, it's less important in the summer, and it's less influential in the summer because of the sugar and calories in the cookies. Contrast with the feeling of hot summer is cool and refreshing from ice cream. We thought that this feature can use ice cream and influence to Oreo marketing, and the taste of the Oreo and integration has been recognized as the general public, comprehensive above factors, we launched "Oreo play together with the ice cream" creative combination, hoping to elevate the status of Oreo cookies in summer in people's minds, and increase sales.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

1. The first online ice shop was opened. WeChat app was used to create the online ice shop "flavor of oreo summer". 2. The second trick: 16 original menus, 16 original menus +16 teaching video, providing consumers with the idea of fancy eating oreos; 3. The third interactive game, promoting DIY poster game of UGC, allowing consumers to give play to their creativity and become creative dessert maker; 4. The fourth method is offline and physical. Cooperate with Bilibili two-dimensional platform to launch pop-up ice store, which allows consumers to taste oreo summer ice products, further attracting fans' attention and guiding online ice store.

List the results (30% of vote)

The summer heat has sent Oreos down the drain. The case after launched, due to novel ideas and good promotion, our effective: three hours continuously occupy the microblogging topic, a list of relevant reading as much as 60.288 million, harvest a lot of high quality UGC output, net friend not only online DIY, more offline Oreo desserts, KOL secondary transmission, KOL attention, online stores ice topic fire spread, the overall number of touch up to 200 million, to promote effective well, etc., and the event driven, the influence of the Oreo is still rising.


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