Product / ServiceHEINEKEN 0.0
CategoryE02. Launch / Re-launch
Media Placement RED STAR Bangkok, THAILAND
Production CHOUX DOUGH Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
João Braga J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Chief Creative Officer
Park Wannasiri J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Executive Creative Director
Jiradej Penglengpol J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Associate Creative Director
Natthaphol Hirunlikid J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Senior Art Director
Veeravin Suksantinunt J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Copywriter
Sakila Banyen J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Associate Planning Director
Siwakorn Seetaraso J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Communication Planner
Supannapa Traitonwong J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Managing Partner
Angsumarin Chintavorn J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Client Service Director
Thitikarn Rattananun J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Account Manager
Ittipat Younguksorn J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Account Manager
Sasita Cholvijarn J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Senior Account Executive
Nichakorn Sae-Eng J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Account Executive
Jiroj Mechoojit J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Production Director
Attapong Chooamnard J. Walter Thompson Bangkok Digital Producer
Siwach Vimuktanon CHOUX DOUGH Director of Photography
Jade Prajin CHOUX DOUGH Assistant Camera Man
Peerapong Thanachotthanyanij CHOUX DOUGH Art Director
Pongsakorn Swatdiparp CHOUX DOUGH Producer
Yanika Bunpanit CHOUX DOUGH Production Manager
Kritsakorn Sawangkarn CHOUX DOUGH Editor
Kanokpakorn Plathong CHOUX DOUGH Computer Graphic

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

To introduce a new category in the country, we needed people to try it. But instead of simply giving out beers, we let people request their own official sponsorships online. And they did. Hundreds asked us to sponsor their most mundane activities. And we delivered, creating a series of unique, shareable experiences.


People can be quite skeptical about 0% alcohol beers, even more so in Thailand where it’s still a fairly new concept. But since Heineken 0.0 does feel like the real thing, before anything, we needed to get people to try it.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

As the official sponsors of the world’s biggest events, Heineken wouldn’t settle with just a regular sampling activation. Instead, we officially sponsored people’s everyday non-beer occasions anywhere and anytime. They made their requests on social media and we speeded up to deliver their customised sponsorship packs with perfectly chilled cans of Heineken 0.0.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

With 0.0, Heineken was launching a new category in Thailand. Research informed us that, as in most new markets, the 0% alcohol beer would indeed face skepticism. Initial focus groups and blind-tests however indicated that consumers actually liked it, a great deal of them even unable to differentiate the 0.0 version. So we needed people to try it. We had a sampling activation brief, but for a brand like Heineken we always need to carry the wit and the style. Since it is the official sponsor of some the world’s biggest events, why not this time sponsor people’s individual activities instead? That way, we could not only get people to try it, but also create new drinking occasions and increase overall frequency.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

We approached beer lovers through social media channels, kickstarting the Heineken 0.0 promo. Hundreds requested their individual sponsorships and we delivered. The events soon began to get shared online, with news pages and social influencers soon picking up to create a massive online buzz. Within one month, 20,000 people attended the non-beer events in Bangkok alone.

List the results (30% of vote)

We received more than 1,500 sponsorship requests, with over 20,000 people attending the officially sponsored events. 80,000 cans were delivered. The campaign had a total 96 million impressions. In just 3 months, Heineken has sold 3.8 million cans (82% of the full year KPI), bringing Heineken 0.0 into people’s daily lives and their most ordinary moments.


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