Product / ServiceKITKAT
CategoryA01. Food / Drink
Idea Creation 3 TWITTER Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 4 METRO AD AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement METRO AD AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company GOODROCK INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Takayuki Niizawa Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Chief Creative Officer
Kaoru Yabe Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Creative Director/Copywriter
Aki Takeda Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Senior Art Director
Youmei Kiryu Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Account Supervisor
Satoru Nakamura GunsRock Inc. Producer
misato Uchiyama GunsRock Inc. Production Assistant
Rikako Takada Yahoo Japan Corporation Business Plan
Shouichi Aoki Yahoo Japan Corporation Business Plan
Gyesoo Lee Yahoo Japan Corporation Business Plan
Takeshi Seki Yahoo Japan Corporation Designer
Shinichi Yamashita Metro Ad Agency Co.,Ltd Sales Division Deputy Director
Yu Isaka Metro Ad Agency Co.,Ltd Sales Division
Hirokazu Ochi Metro Ad Agency Co.,Ltd Promotion Division Director
Yuki Ota Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Graphic Designer

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

KITKAT NAVI enabled to identify overlooked concerns and stress of students, leading to a great contribution to creating the environment where students can improve concentration and do their best.


In Japan, students preparing for the entrance exam have a variety of concerns and stress. KitKat supporting students for 17 years aimed at analyzing and identifying causal factors of their concern, and providing all the support necessary for them to do their best on the exam.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

KitKat has identified that points of concerns and stress reside in ways from home to the exam venue. In collaboration with Twitter, Japan Post, Tokyo Metro and Yahoo! Japan, it is intended to navigate around points of concern on the way.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

For one of the prospective students coming to Tokyo to take the university entrance exam, KIT NAVI offered navigation around expected points of concern from her home to the university.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

When arriving at a big terminal station in Tokyo, the first point of concern when coming to Tokyo, travel tips from former students, who had the same experience last year, were shared on Twitter. Next, with help of Japan Post, her grandparents posted KitMail to encourage her alone in Tokyo. KITKAT’s Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket supported complex change of trains on subway networks. From the station to the exam venue, finally, an exclusive navigation by Yahoo! Japan successfully took her to the main gate. All of these supports contributed to creating the environment where she could concentrate in the exam without stress.

List the results (30% of vote)

KitKat’s profound understanding of and support for students further strengthened bonds between people. KitKat with 24-hour tickets were sold out, while clicks on Yahoo! Map reached nearly 260,000. Featured by a wide variety of media, KIT NAVI generated buzz: Yahoo!Japan, “Support for hardworking students! Route navigation to a test venue” Nikkei Shimbun, “Nestle Japan collaborates with Yahoo to offer a navigation service to students” Livedoor News, “Student support campaign by KitKat. This year’s campaign helps Transportation in collaboration with Yahoo & Tokyo Metro” Many supportive corporations and universities/colleges made social posts with a hashtag, #kitkat: Football Club, The University of Electro-Communications, “Good luck!” BicCamera Shinjuku West, “Be prepared to change trains on the exam day without panic” Department of Social Welfare, Bukkyo University, “Good luck, all of you taking the exam!”