CategoryB02. Customer Acquisition & Retention
EntrantTENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Idea Creation TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Idea Creation 2 ZHENG&CO. Guangzhou, CHINA
Media Placement TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Production ZHENG&CO. Guangzhou, CHINA
Production 2 HOLLY GEEKTEAM Guangzhou, CHINA


Name Company Position
Vincent Li Tencent General Manager
Akae Wang Tencent Executive Creative Director/Copywriter
Yolanda Zheng ZHENG&Co. Creative Partner/Copywriter
Ivy Huang Tencent Art Director
Jasmine Zhu ZHENG&Co. Art Director
EMMA LIU Tencent Art Director
Zita Zou Tencent Copywriter
King Wang ZHENG&Co. Art Director
Dong Xie Tencent Art Director
Ahjan Huang Tencent Agency Producer
Hunter Zhang Tencent Program Director
Susi Song Tencent Program Manager
Sheila Dong Tencent Program Manager
Kenny Ao Freelancer Photographer
Anlun He Holly Geekteam Technical Director
Saron Yu Holly Geekteam Technical Director
Annie Tang Holly Geekteam Traffic Director
Vicky Wu Holly Geekteam Traffic Manager
Zone He Holly Geekteam Programmer
Edmond Xu Magic Paint Film Director
Kobe Lai ZHENG&Co. Agency Producer
Jianying Li Magic Paint Producer
Duoxiang Wang Magic Paint Editor
Yongnian Li Magic Paint Special Effects Computer Graphics
Yun Yang Magic Paint Animation


Mogao Cave, artistic treasure that originates from The Silk Road. There are more than 400 domes situated in the Mogao Caves with unreachable height to avoid sand erosion and man-made destruction. It hides on the dark dome. Tourists are not allowed to light or take pictures. Even if they look up, their necks will not last one minute. More than 400 cave domes, their beauty went unnoticed. How can we rediscover this unseen beauty? And experience it?The Mogao Caves reached out to Tencent, with the ultimate goal to find a digital solution that can overcome this challenge.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

A scarf that can be personalized for anyone with a simple promise: You Design It, We Make It. We created a digital social gallery with 200+ cave dome graphics. They are reassembled into customizable components for everyone to wield their design creativity. The possibilities are endless with infinite combination of personalized fashion. No worries for ugly design, as it never fails. Users just need to work their fingers on their mobile phone, click purchase and wait for the one and only Scarf of Dome delivered to their hands.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Souvenir is a critical component and often the last stage of the museum experience. But it often appears in form of notepad, erasers, mini-models…not favored by the visitors. We decided to experiment with the cave dome(which have low degree of experience), and extend the online interaction into souvenir by creating a channel and bridges the gap between online and offline, transforming “they design, we purchase” into “we design, they produce”.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

1. The classic artistic elements of the cave dome are reassembled into more than 200 graphics. Through interactive application, users just need to work their fingers, choose the design components, size, position and color to design their own scarf. 2. After user clicks purchase, the image analysis runs in the background and resize the design into manufacturable image for production. 3. Users are also designer, photographer, and model themselves, attracting more individuals to participate.

List the results (30% of vote)

1. There are more than 400 cave domes currently situated in the Mogao Caves. Within a month, the designs for Scarf of Dome has surpassed 250K, and more are being added to digital gallery as we speak. 2. The digital gallery has attracted 2 Million unique visitors equivalent to Mogao Caves annual visitor number in 2018 3. Through the Scarf of Dome, the public developed mass interest in Mogao Caves, leading to increase of visitor number by 23% for the 1st quarter. 4. Earned media involving more than 200 media outlets and KOL, drawing public attention to The Mogao Caves. 5. “Scarf for Business” was introduced later in form of coporate gift card 6. The service was also made available at The Mogao Caves Museum for visitors to experience and purchase


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