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Chris Ryan AnalogFolk Hong Kong Managing Director & Partner
Harry Llufrio AnalogFolk Hong Kong Executive Creative Director & Partner
Fred Dahlberg AnalogFolk Hong Kong Creative Director
Eric Suen AnalogFolk Hong Kong Project Director
Summer Yang AnalogFolk Hong Kong Strategy Director
Joy Ng AnalogFolk Hong Kong Group Account Director
Sandra Miloda AnalogFolk Hong Kong Senior Designer
Justine Chow AnalogFolk Hong Kong Designer


Situation: Nike has a global ambition to be a true partner to everyday Athletes. Local research provided the following insights: • The Athletes of Hong Kong want to be seen and recognized • They are always aiming to achieve more - either by taking on new sports or by training harder • When it comes to membership programs, they often find the benefits and values irrelevant Brief: Bring Nike Membership 2.0 to the Athletes of Hong Kong, with a focus on teenagers and young professionals. Objective: • Rejuvenate the Nike Membership by building stronger relationships through personalized offers • Create one holistic view of each customer to know them and serve them personally, at scale • Deliver a seamless O2O experience that makes Nike Membership accessible to every member at every key touchpoint • Develop a direct and retained relationship with members that drives mutual growth

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

To Nike, “If you have a body, you are an athlete”. The idea is to create a platform that allows users to “Experience the very best of Nike”. Through access to the right equipment, training programs and rewards for achievements, the goal is for users to feel like they have a personal sponsorship with the brand. Customer data such as browsing data, interest settings, personal behavior and athletic achievements are used to deliver personalized “Unlocks” and proactive targeted communications. This is combined with a seamless O2O experience, where QR codes, mobile wallet and instore screens are utilized for members to engage with the brand, anytime, anywhere.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Target Audience: Existing members, teenagers and young professionals Approach: Celebrate, recognize and reward the Athletes by acting as a partner and ‘sponsor’. Many members of the membership 1.0 had been inactive as they merely viewed it as an account for the online store. Using customer data from browsing data, interest settings, personal behavior and athletic achievements as a starting point, customer profiles were mapped out to ensure that each customer would receive offers and benefits personalized to their needs. Thereby encouraging members to continue engaging with Nike, to train more, to achieve more and to help Nike understand them more. The more members interact with Nike, the more it learns about their behaviour, the better it can serve them as their athletic partner.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

A responsive and locally-relevant platform that sits on the existing was created to deliver an O2O experience and serve as a central hub. The platform is centered around four main benefits that are all tailored to the members shopping behavior and interests: Easy and early access, experiences, recognition, expert guidance. All these are delivered through the features below: • Unlock: personalized offers and benefits for inspiring and rewarding members, including early access to products before public release and exclusive promotions • Lucky Draw: to learn and to participate in upcoming lucky draws for high heat products • Exclusive Shop: products only available to members • Member’s feed: for members to learn about the latest news of Nike’s products and events. • The NikePass, Online and offline QR-codes, In-store screens and a members-only online store all serve to give the members a seamless experience.

List the results (30% of vote)

• Within 48 hours of the launch, 2.5 million NikePasses and personalized Unlock cards were created and saved to mobile wallets • Targeted communications recorded +39% open rate and +28% CTR • +18% new members recruitment • +53% buying members • Traffic increased vs before launch: +26% online traffic on NIKE.COM +18% foot traffic in the Tsim Sha Tsui Nike Kicks Lounge Store


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