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In June 2019, Toyota was set to launch the next generation of the highly anticipated GR Supra - the flagship vehicle of Toyota’s Gazoo Racing - to the Australian market. As an iconic car already beloved by motorsport fans, but with only limited vehicles available at launch, Toyota wanted to capitalise on the pre-release hype to turn the Supra launch into an experience every Australian driver could get a thrill from, and drive broader passion for the Toyota brand. Toyota’s research and past campaign experience pointed to three key objectives: Re-ignite the passion in an inactive fanbase a whole 17 years after the last model release; allow fans to experience the All-New Toyota GR Supra without physical access to the vehicle; and sell out of launch stock to drive future demand.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

The idea was to create the world’s first limited-access digital showroom. This immersive experience put the car entirely in fans’ hands. From their device, enthusiasts could explore the Supra inside and out – from the bold curves of the body, to the emotional pull of being behind the wheel, and even under the hood, immersive 3D and motion design recreated the machine in staggering detail. We restricted entry to the virtual showroom with an exclusive queuing system, managing demand and creating intrigue. What’s more, we only gave guests 15 minutes to seize their chance to own their very own dream car – galvanizing purchase decisions at the speed of Supra. We gave thousands of fans the excitement of exclusive access, offering a close-up glimpse at Toyota’s racing pedigree, while giving serious buyers an exceptionally streamlined ordering and purchase experience, without a test drive or seeing it in the flesh.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

With Toyota not having released a new Supra in over 17 years, how does the company known for the Camry sell a luxury sports car to a dramatically different marketplace? We looked to the world of high fashion, where exclusivity and limited runs make products into ‘must haves’ for their dedicated fan base. They even limit access to their stores to ensure there is always a line out front - creating a visual signal of the desirability their brands represent. Our strategy: Turn our scarcity into our strength by creating intrigue through exclusivity. This strategy informed the approach we took to the entire campaign, from our teaser activity, to our pre-registration process, the digital queue, and through to the limited-access showroom.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

With a tight deadline, we created an end-to-end journey that helped build hype and capture an entirely new customer base, manage demand in a way that made a virtue of waiting, and converted high-value sales completely outside the traditional prestige dealership model. We built the Supra from scratch in CGI, created an immersive module that functioned seamlessly within the existing toyota.com.au platform, with animation, sound and made-for-tablet interactivity. The entire Brand Experience Page combined this immersive journey with 360° spinners of the grades, detailed specifications, grade level pricing and action driven CTAs in the one destination, making the distance from falling in love to purchasing even shorter. This experience drove interested owners to register to purchase the new Supra on launch day. Purchasing guests were taken seamlessly from this experience to a sales portal, where reservations and onboarding were completed.

List the results (30% of vote)

Sales were as fast as the car. We completely changed the behavior of performance car buyers, who typically test drive and visit showrooms before purchase: the first release of 150 vehicles (valued at ~$92,000 - $104,000) were sold out in only 22 minutes, without a physical car in sight. That’s 7 cars a minute. The Supra experience received 25,829 unique sessions in the month of June, with 32.60% CTR on launch day, and an average 2:10 dwell time, giving thousands more their very own brush with Supra ownership, and forging stronger connections to the Toyota and Gazoo Racing brands. And, importantly, the limited release left a whole lot of Supra fans eagerly awaiting the next release.


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