Product / ServiceCOFFEE BOSS
CategoryA01. Food / Drink
Idea Creation SUNTORY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 DENTSU ISOBAR Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Daiki Takahashi Suntory Holdings Ltd. Producer / Creative Director
Junya Hiruta Suntory Holdings Ltd. Producer
Satoshi Abe Suntory Holdings Ltd. Creative Director/Art Director
Ayano Yamagishi Suntory Holdings Ltd. Designer
Akihiro Oya freelance Designer
Keisuke Kobayashi Store Designer
Yoshihiro Inoue Store Designer
Masayoshi Boku Bascule Inc. Executive Creative Director
Megumu Kasuga Bascule Inc. Art Director/Designer
Yoshikazu Iida Bascule Inc. Technical Director
Michiyasu Wada Bascule Inc. front-end engineer
Tomoyuki Iwabuchi Bascule Inc.  front-end engineer
yuko Katsuda Bascule Inc. front-end engineer
Tomoyuki Tanaka KIKI inc. Sound Engineer
Takefumi Nitta Showcase Gig Executive Producer
Manami kishi Showcase Gig Producer
Wataru Kudo Showcase Gig Product Manager
Akira Ishigame Showcase Gig Technical Director
Tatsuya Kosuge Showcase Gig Back−end−engineer
Shingo Suzuki Showcase Gig  front-end engineer
Msayoshi Tomita Dentsu isobar Producer
hiroaki Tateno Dentsu isobar Project Manager
Nao Akiyama Dentsu isobar Planner
yuko Uesu Dentsu isobar Planner
koji niwa Dentsu isobar Project Manager
Osamu Fukui foton inc. Retoucher
kuvonne kuvonne foton inc. Photographer


Infamously crowded, the Tokyo morning commute is one of the busiest on earth. For over 8 million people often without a second to spare for themselves, getting morning coffee is a race against time and each other, leaving little to no me time available. Through a new experience, Japan’s RTD (Ready to Drink) expert BOSS Coffee and favorite choice of the hardworking, wanted to bring all the joy of coffee time into an on-the-go fully bespoke ordering service for its mass products using digital to meet commuters’ individual needs.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

A favorite among Japanese, Suntory BOSS found that personalization and self-expression when grabbing coffee are traded off for any speedy option by morning commuters. But what if they didn’t need to? BOSS delivered an all-new personalized way to grab morning coffee through an ordering system via LINE and an express pick up point. From the type of roast, design of every label, swapping cups for bottles and speedy in-store collection, TOUCH-AND-GO coffee conciliated the compromise between speed and a unique customer experience making it custom… but fast.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We wanted to reach the busy working people in Tokyo by promoting a new way to enjoy morning coffee that fits their hectic lifestyles and not the other way around.   Adding another place people go to if thirsty was not the answer. We designed a user interface based on commuters' morning ritual (a cup on-the-go), to make coffee easier to carry using bottles instead of cups in a UX that seamlessly fit daily commuters lifestyles. We choose LINE, present in over 80% of smartphones in Japan as the ideal platform to launch TOUCH-AND-GO Coffee. Preexisting familiarity helped to make it simple to get users interested compared to downloading another app on their phones just for the sake of coffee. Making the best of LINE's UI functionality, we delivered a frictionless commerce experience to enjoy more time crafting the perfect coffee and less on figuring out how to make it work.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

To transform commuters’ coffee from a daily struggle for mass products into a customized commerce experience via mobile that is useful, creative, and quick, we provided 120 flavors to choose from, bespoke label designs, and locker boxes with a unique code to waste no time finding your drink. The pre-order screen uses LINE's chat window interface, Japan’s most popular social app to benefit from user familiarity. From start to finish, LINE’s UI served to develop an intuitive touch-based experience without keyboard interference. To aid seamless payments, the service used LINE Pay or pre-registered credit cards, and pushed notifications to alerts customers when their drink is ready. A code number in the notification opens a box at the pick-up store lets customers collect coffee within seconds. TOUCH-AND-GO Coffee saves them precious morning time for a coffee that is exactly what they want directly from their smartphones.

List the results (30% of vote)

40,000 LINE friends (Unique Users) acquired in just one month. The bespoke label design became a hot trending topic on social media, earning 27.4 million impressions on Twitter featuring user-generated content of images from bottles' various customized names, colors and patterns from happy customers. The service proved beyond effective with the average time spent in-store dropping under a whopping 10 seconds delivering on TOUCH-AND-GO Coffee’s promise of being custom but fast.   The pick up store in Nihombashi, a premium business district in Tokyo has been sold out every single day since it launched. The success of this experience has led to scheduling more store openings nationwide in the near future.


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