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Name Company Position
Anish Daryani M&C Saatchi Indonesia Founder & President Director
Dami Sidharta M&C Saatchi Indonesia Executive Creative Director
Elki Hendria M&C Saatchi Indonesia Executive Planning Director
Erlita Putranti M&C Saatchi Indonesia Copywriter
Dhani Pratama M&C Saatchi Indonesia Art Director
Dyah Ariani M&C Saatchi Indonesia Integration Director
Ben Omar M&C Saatchi Indonesia Creative Content Producer
Ria Isnaeni M&C Saatchi Indonesia Strategist


Situation: Smartphones have changed the way people plan for travel. Using apps to book hotels, flight and train tickets from OTAs is common. However, behaviour towards Inter-City Bus/Shuttle bookings still remains traditional – where people physically go to brick-and-mortar ticket counters at bus stations to queue up and buy tickets. Though buses remain the most prominent mode of travel in Indonesia, travellers’ experiences are fraught with inconvenience and disappointment – plagued by long waits, fake/duplicate tickets and being swindled by “caloks”/black-marketers. redBus, the world’s largest bus booking platform, was launching in Indonesia to bring about digital transformation of the Bus Travel industry. Brief:Introduce redBus as the most convenient and secure way of booking inter-city bus and shuttle tickets, especially during Ramadhan–the peak season for Bus-travel. Objectives: Launch the redBus app in Indonesia Increase awareness about redBus Increase interest in the category Establish a clear proposition App installs Ticket sales/bus bookings

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Mudik or "Returning home" during Ramadhan, is the only time in the year when city dwellers meet their families. The Government-of-Indonesia declares a week-long national holiday to help people achieve this. In 2004, a traditional “Dangduk” song went viral. The singer lamented the absence of her husband who hadn’t returned for three consecutive Ramadhans. Thus, the Legend of “Bang Toyib” was born. Over 15 years, scores of remixes/parodies of this song were created, making it the most popular Ramadhan song. Bang Toyib became a symbol of Ramadhan. If you didn’t show up for Ramadhan, you’d done a “Bang Toyib”. Toyib became to Ramadhan what Santa-Claus is to Christmas. Our creative idea was to hijack this urban legend. Everyone knew he hadn’t returned, but no one knew why? We told his side of the story – every year he tried to return home, he fell prey to uncertainties of bus bookings.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The only certainty about bus travel in Indonesia is uncertainty. Our strategy was to use the legend of Bang Toyib to tell our audience that there’s a way of changing this. We matched product truths of redBus to deliver a promise that was very strongly sought out by bus travelers – CERTAINTY. Campaign idea: “PASTI CUS, PASTI REDBUS”. Pasti means “certain or definite”. The promise of Definite Travel with redBus would be delivered through 3 product attributes. Certainty of: Convenience – No long queues Date and Time of Travel – No fake/duplicate tickets Seat Selection – No one else claims your chosen seat This idea would be supported through digital video content, especially crafted for mobile views, so each view could lead to an app install, further creating trial and purchase. Digital banners, social media content on facebook and instagram, FB and IG Stories would ensure meeting the campaign objectives.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Instead of doing another parody on the song, we decided to hijack its protagonist for maximum cultural relevance and impact. In a 2-minute-film, we show the Breaking News where “missing” Bang Toyib has been found by a news channel. He shares his painful story about how much he misses his family with the news crew, how every year he attempted to return home, but long queues, fake/duplicate tickets kept him from it, until the app reveals through a portal, enabling him to travel. The social media campaign started with a teaser quiz, followed by an always-on campaign. Activated on Youtube, facebook and Instagram, we timed the campaign on pay-day in May (when people get their bonus) and plan their travel. Jakarta and neighbouring towns were targeted. Those who engaged with the campaign were retargeted until they downloaded the app and bought bus tickets, making the app launch successful.

List the results (30% of vote)

The campaign outperformed every single KPI set initially. Brand Metrics: (YouTube Brand Lift Report) Total Campaign Views on YouTube, 10.9 million In the cluster of Bogor, Depok, Tangrang and Bekasi: 66.2% increase in Brand Awareness 28.2% lift in consideration 838.7% increase in Brand Interest (best-in-class) 563.1% increase in Product Interest 1113.2% in Creative Interest Average CPV - $0.01 (one of the lowest in the industry) View-through rate – 32.9% In Jakarta, the campaign saw the following results 85.2% increase in Brand Awareness 28.8% lift in consideration 605.9% increase in Brand Interest 373.4.1% increase in Product Interest 555.5% in Creative Interest Complete Views: 218.3% difference Business Metrics: (AppAnnie + Indexed Client Data) Sales 119% of target Traffic 128% of target Search sessions 112% App New Users 159% App install 213% of target Brand Impressions 118% of target


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