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Name Company Position
Herbert Hernandez GIGIL Chief Creative Officer
Badong Abesamis GIGIL Chief Creative Officer
Edi Loyola GIGIL Senior Art Director
Jeano Cruz GIGIL Senior Copywriter
Heninah Salud GIGIL Art Director
Joey Sendaydiego GIGIL Art Director
Jepoy Almario Freelance Illustrator
Isabel Prollamante GIGIL Head of Accounts


In October 2018, Unilever Southeast Asia was set to hold a 24-hour E-commerce shopping event on Lazada. Called "Shop to Give," one can buy their favorite Unilever products on Lazada during the event, and donate to charity. Unilever Philippines chose UNICEF as its beneficiary, to help the organization help Filipino kids. But there was a hitch: charitable organizations in the Philippines continue to struggle in raising donations due to donor fatigue. So to reach out to patrons in a fresh and inviting way--and move them to participate--we turned "Shop to Give" to "SHOP2GIVE" for the kids.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

We changed the logos of all 32 Unilever brands intro drawings of a kid...and we didn't stop there. To drive home the message of SHOP2GIVE, we violated the logos of all Unilever brands, and convinced the multinational to allow us to--all for the good of the kids.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Tens of natural and man-made disasters strike the Philippines in any given year. For this reason, Filipinos are numbed, and don't feel the necessity to pitch in when they have to. To hurdle this biggest barrier of donor fatigue, we rendered the logos of all 32 Unilever brands in kids' drawings. This allowed us not only to attract Filipinos' attention, but also enabled us to communicate to them the beneficiaries of the cause in a fresh, unexpected and disarming way, moving them to participate in SHOP2GIVE.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

We mounted the stunt across the brands' Facebook pages, the Facebook pages of their celebrity endorsers, their Lazada page, their print ads, even their out-of-home advertising. We even ran the first-ever Facebook Live marathon for SHOP2GIVE, the kiddie-drawn logos of Unilever brands taking center stage.

List the results (30% of vote)

And Filipinos were moved, and responded. In just 24 hours, SHOP2GIVE: * Chalked up 3x higher revenue vs. previous big Lazada sale campaigns (12.12 and Lazada Birthday Sale). * Surpassed its sales target by 158%. SHOP2GIVE: * Secured over USD 772 thousand in earned media. * Won the "Best Marketing Innovation" Award from Lazada Southeast Asia, "Best Brand Campaign Execution" from Lazada Philippines, and metals from marketing effectiveness awards shows like the E-commerce category of the ADFEST, the Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards, and among other festivals. BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY, 20% OF THE RECORD-BREAKING SALES OF SHOP2GIVE WAS DONATED TO UNICEF. ALL FOR THE GOOD OF THE FILIPINO CHILD.


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