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CategoryB02. Customer Acquisition & Retention
EntrantRUDER FINN GZ Guangzhou, CHINA
Idea Creation RUDER FINN GZ Guangzhou, CHINA


Name Company Position
Anna Li Mars Wrigley Marketing Director
Xiaohang Deng Mars Wrigley Senior Marketing Manager
Grace Liang Ruder Finn GZ General Manager
Coyi Zhang Ruder Finn GZ Account Director
Vivian Zheng Ruder Finn GZ Senior Consultant
Tobe Chen Ruder Finn GZ Creative Director
Ellar Ouyang Ruder Finn GZ IMC Copywriter
Eva Jin Ruder Finn GZ Associate Creative Director
Cherry Huang Ruder Finn GZ Account Executive
Mendy Lin Ruder Finn GZ Senior Designer


BE-KIND, a well-known North American brand, planned to debut in China's two largest e-commerce platforms, Tmall and JDmall in May 2019. In 2017, the annual output value of the nuts and roasted products industry in China was 121.4 billion yuan. The consumption of the nuts category reached a significant growth trend of 16.3% per year. Facing the opportunities that this market provides, BE-KIND enhance brand awareness and achieve the preemption of a new category to open the Chinese market. Objectives  Increase brand awareness  Promote fashionable and healthy lifestyle Drive traffic to EC channels

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

In the white-hot snack market, we found out the core competition point of BE-KIND differentiation: high appearance level snacks full of fashion sense. From this breakthrough snacks marketing consistent routine, turn from the perspective of fashion, highlight its trend characteristics to improve brand added value. It took the hot topic of the Festival de Cannes as the entry point to create a story. Outside the e-commerce channels, we co-op with media and KOLs to build word of mouth communication. Inside the e-commerce channels, we established a conversion mechanism between social media and EC to transform the brand volume into product sales. We used Cannes materials to theme creative integration.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Target audience: Generation Z • Post 80s & 90s, 33% male and 67% female • Live in urban areas, have high income • Fan of gourmet, fitness, travel with high attention on celebrity • Enjoy a classy and high-quality lifestyle and Look for a brand-new choice for a trendy snack • More willing to taste new foods, and designs with high appearance level can catch their eyes. According to an accurate insight into target consumers, and an analysis of brand advantage, BE-KIND decided to communicate with its consumers based on a FASHION trend. Highly consistent with fashion labels, Festival de Cannes is a high profile event where lots of fashionistas gather to debuts. It took the hot topic of the Festival de Cannes as the entry point to create a story. We attract generation Z by presenting the beautiful photos and fashion film videos of be-kind in Cannes.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

For off-page optimization, it tended to seed on the social platforms based on the story of BE-KIND’s popularity in Cannes. BE-KIND cooperated with top fashion KOLs to deeply cultivate the contents and attract fans on owned media, and continuously drive traffic to e-commerce. For on-site promotion, we used Cannes materials to theme creative integration, such as long graphics, a live streaming abroad without time lag and short videos. It achieved sales conversion through a limited time promotion to drive traffic. It got through the closed loop from the consumers’ seeding to purchase based on off-page optimization and on-site promotion.

List the results (30% of vote)

(1) Impressions The campaign has drawn the attention of many mainstream media: 103 reports from mainstream media and 17,290,000 total impressions Created hashtag on Weibo #Cannes Trip of BE-KIND Nuts Bar #total gained 7,645,000 impressions and 37,000 engagement (2) E-commerce sales During the campaign, the two major EC platforms have accumulated more than 70,000 potential customers, and the total sales volume has increased by more than three times over the same period last month. (3) Professional comments From marketing thinking to communication channels to products positioning, BE-KIND has broken through the current snacks white-hot competition, turn to the fashion field, redefine consuming moments and the crowd.@007 of the PR filed (4) Consumers comments Those who have tried BE-KIND Nuts Bar expressed their favor for taste, good-looking, fashionable packaging on Weibo responding to the KOLs.


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