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Name Company Position
Moonkyo Lee Cheil Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Jongmin Kim Cheil Worldwide Associate Creative Director
Changkyu Oh Cheil Worldwide Copywriter
Jinwoo Ryu Cheil Worldwide Art Director
Jihyun Park Cheil Worldwide Account Team Leader
Sunkyu Kang Cheil Worldwide Sr. Account Manager
Soo Jung Park Cheil Worldwide Sr. Account Manager
Sang Hwa Lee Cheil Worldwide Jr. Account Executive
Gyeongguk Choi Kakao corp. Executive Creative Director
Jimi Yoon Kakao corp. Head of Marketing
Hangrae Kim Kakao corp. Creative Lead
Byoungsub Choi Kakao corp. Marketer
Taejin Hwang Kakao corp. Marketer
Sol Yoon Kakao corp. Creator
Bonjin Koo Kakao corp. Producer
Jaehyun Kim Kakao corp. Designer
Hwayoung Lee Kakao corp. Design lead
Seungbae Ahn Kakao corp. Media Planning
Kyuyoung Hwang Kakao corp. Designer
Sungjae Lee Cheil Worldwide Agency Producer
Minsu Kim Sonyeon Production Director
Sunggil Hong Sonyeon Production Assistant Director
Zonkyo Lee FIREWORKS Editor
Hwan Choi ELIOT Senior Flame Artist
Yejin Lim ELIOT Flame Artist
Minkyoung Kim Ghostbuster Music Director


In the fall of 2018 in Korea, drunk driving claimed the life of a young man after leaving him in a coma for several months. This accident prompted a bill strengthening penalties for drinking under the influence (DUI) offenders and DUI standards, which will be enforced starting from June 2019. However, as if scoffing at the law, the heavy episodic drinking rate of Korea stays twice as high as the OECD average, and the average of 400 DUI cases are reported daily. As such, drunk driving remains as one of the gravest social issues in Korea.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

While every other receipt in this world is white, we came up with the idea of red receipt signaling the danger of drunk driving. Kakao is a mobile application service used by 97% of smartphone users in Korea. When the payment is made via KakaoPay, payment data is analyzed real-time through the POS (point-of-sale) system, which is capable of Accurate Targeting. Then, white receipts will be issued to customers who didn’t consume alcohol and red ones for those who did. The receipt includes a warning message about drunk driving and a button for calling a designated driver. With a tap on the button, the designated driver arrives at the location of the customer within a few minutes, which is enabled through real-time location tracking. With one piece of red receipt, the situation that could have led to drunk driving instead ends with a safe trip home with a designated driver.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

It is a common sense for everyone that one should not be driving while intoxicated. However, the biggest issue is that alcohol can numb the mind, leading one behind the wheel. Therefore, we need a preemptive measure which signals dangers and prevents drunk driving during those few minutes between finishing the drinks and getting behind the wheel. What we paid attention to is receipts that we get after paying for the drinks. Especially in Korea, where the rate of mobile payment users is among the highest in the world, customers are often issued with mobile receipts after making payments at restaurants or bars. We thought it would be highly effective in preventing drunk driving if mobile receipts issued right after paying for the drinks can signal the danger of drunk driving through the payment data analysis technology that sets apart customers who consumed alcohol.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

For the execution location, we designated restaurants and bars in popular areas for drinking and dining. The campaign took place from February 22 to March 8, 2019 at two locations: “Lee-Ga Korean Barbeque,” a college-student-frequented restaurant near Hanyang University, Seoul, and “Yeon-An Restaurant,” a popular destination for corporate get-togethers in the business district of Pangyo. Throughout fifteen days, many people visited the restaurants, tried out Redceipt, and participated in the campaign voluntarily.

List the results (30% of vote)

For the fifteen days of the campaign, many people visited the restaurants, paid for their drinks via mobile payment, received Redceipt, and went home safe using the designated driver service. Also, a large number of people shared Receipt through KakaoTalk, Korea’s leading mobile messenger, and on their social media. During the campaign period, the service use of Kakao’s designated driver service also increased to a large extent; the whole campaign process and results were covered by major media and social media outlets. The most meaningful accomplishment was that, regardless of the amount of alcohol they partook, customers who were about to get behind the wheel made conscious efforts to avoid drunk driving after being warned by Redceipt.


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