Short List
Product / ServiceDOUBLE A
CategoryA09. Excellence in Music Video
EntrantAOI PRO. INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation SIX INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 SPA-HAKUHODO CO. LTD. Bangkok, THAILAND
Production AOI PRO. INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Takeshi Nozoe SIX inc. Executive Creative Director
Jin Saito SIX inc. Creative Director
Kentaro Harano Hakuhodo Inc. Art Director
Yuki Sudo Spa-Hakuhodo Co., LTD Account Executive
Tsubasa Oyagi SIX inc. Planner
Yusuke Tanaka Caviar Director
Damian Kulash, Jr. OK Go (Band) Director
Makoto Okuguchi Freelance Cinematographer
Takeshi Tomasu Freelance Gaffer
Shoko Akutagawa Freelance International Producer
Keisuke Mizusako AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Masahiro Kawaguchi AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Tomohiro Umeyama AOI Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Daito Manabe Rhizomatiks Research Planning Technical Director
Motoi Ishibashi Rhizomatiks Research System Designer
Satoshi Hori Rhizomatiks Research Planning Technical Director
Yusuke Tomoto Rhizomatiks Research System Designer
Shunsuke Kakuuchi Freelance Visual Effects Supervisor
Hiromitsu Sunaga Nishikaigan Visual Effects Supervisor
Yoshinori Numazawa Nishikaigan Visual Effects Supervisor
Masaki Ishii Nishikaigan Visual Effects Supervisor
Damian Kulash, Jr. OK Go Band
Timothy Nordwind OK Go Band
Andy Ross OK Go Band
Dan Konopka OK Go Band
Jun Hatano Hakuhodo Inc. Movie Planner
Karan Singh Freelance Art Director

The Campaign

Together with Double A, a worldwide paper company distributing to 130 countries, we wanted to show how smooth their paper is. To do so, we decided to make an iconic art piece that demonstrates the smoothness of their paper.

Creative Execution

The band’s movement and the printouts needed to be in sync to have a story in camera. BTS videos revealed the “Paper Mapping” was done for real which was the most important element for our video. All of the papers to be recycled and proceeds to go to Greenpeace.

And… 10 million views in just 2 weeks. The excitement of the art project was shared worldwide. The video has been used as an educational tool for children to realize what they can do with what they are learning.

OKGo performing and interacting in front of a constantly changing background made with papers coming out of a wall of printers. The directors played a significant role in creating the visual story that built up to the climax and entertained the viewers every second of the video which is 3min.35sec. long. Not only did they need to understand computer programming to know what can be done with it to push the project forward, they also needed to merge it into the film context to bring the project together as an entertainment piece.

To make a music video with printing. We developed a highly advanced system to print out 567 printers at the same time to make a background for the band to perform and interact with, the world’s first “Paper Mapping.”


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