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The Campaign

#StandByToughMoms is a movement committed to support mothers in their attempt to raise their children with the right values while fighting against the interference of a patriarchal society and joint family.

Creative Execution

All Out® launched a campaign calling on family, friends and society to stand by tough moms. National channels came forward to debate. Akshay Kumar, a Bollywood celebrity activist, was the first to spread the word. To amplify our partnerships with credible influencers, we sent out press notes after the airing of the debate. We worked with India’s largest mommy bloggers community, Momspresso on a research that could provide a context to our movement. We partnered with leading media sites to create buzz around the film. Writers, bloggers and parenting sites grew the conversation. We launched a Facebook App that urged people to nominate the tough moms in their lives. We developed video content for India's leading sports award TOISA by The Times of India. The videos featured moms of leading Indian athletes talking about the tough choices they made while raising their kids. These videos ran on YouTube.

All Out® has become the #1 trusted brand in household care in India, overcoming the national giant, Good Knight. Despite limited spending, total impressions across all mediums exceeded plan by 44% Facebook garnered 81M+ video views, 58K comments, 875K shares and 85% positive sentiment. Website traffic grew 30x over last year. Programmatic video promotion over-delivered on reach and video views. All platforms exceeded reach projections for a total reach of 17.5 million – 48.83% over projected. Compared to previous All Out® campaigns, Facebook content resulted in 26x organic reach, 4x average video view time and 5x engagement rate. The launch of the campaign was a pivotal turning point for the business. As a direct result of the #StandByToughMoms launch, All Out® turned share declines into share growth.

#StandByToughMoms is a movement committed to support mothers in their attempt to raise their kids their way- fighting against the interference of society and the joint family. We launched the campaign with a provocative film that pulled the curtain back from the mom shaming behavior in typical Indian joint families. The film tore through the social fabric. It rose above the clutter and media noise as it challenged the status quo. The nation woke up. Bollywood celebrities joined the conversation. The issue was debated on mommy blogging sites, social media and national channels making it a multi-platform campaign.

Indian mothers are tough disciplinarians because they want to protect their kids from harm and want to prepare them for the future. But India is deeply patriarchal society- and young moms in India, who discipline their children, face deep criticism for their own family members. Yet this criticism is not something that is talked about and shared widely. Young mothers refuse to speak about it. They suffer alone. All Out® decided that it would bring the hidden stresses of tough Indian moms into the open and ignite a national conversation around the issue.


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