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The Campaign

While there is a lot of talk about women empowerment and gender equality in India, with significant progress in a woman’s outside world – at home, many old traditions still prevail. Cooking is the sole responsibility of women in most Indian households, and they only eat their meal after everyone else has eaten. Most people have witnessed this tradition their entire upbringing. As a result, the gesture is taken for granted by everyone in the family. We decided to use the brand’s voice to stand-up against this social injustice for our target consumer (women aged 25-50), by shaking up the entire ecosystem and influencing positive change. A pledge, #PEHLETUM (“#YOUFIRST”),was created, urging husbands and families to offer the first bite of any meal to the women of their household. By using multiple relevant touchpoints, we would really drive the message “home” that a woman deserves to eat alongside her family.

Creative Execution

A video was created with a hidden camera in a restaurant, capturing diners’ unpleasant reactions when waiters suggested they serve women after men.Celebrity couple,Hiten and Gauri Tejwani, then explained “the same thing happens at home” and urged audiences to take the #PehleTum pledge.This launched at a press conference on International Women’s Day. We followed this with: •Digital - #PehleTum teasers and longer un-skippable YouTube ads •TV - a national news channel held a prime-time debate on #PehleTum •Radio - 25 RJs across India took the pledge and got listeners to call in and take it •Print - Newspapers featured celebrity couples taking the pledge, encouraging others to We then drove the message “home” further with: •Influencer chefs promoted “first bite to a woman” as their final ingredient •Restaurants carried plates with #PehleTum •Furniture stores featured dining tables decorated with #PehleTum •Children’s meal-time prayers in schools integrated #PehleTum

The response was overwhelming and heart-warming. By reaching 14 million hearts through various strategic touchpoints, Dalda got the entire country to stand up and address an age-old unfair practice with #PEHLETUM,thereby meeting its set objectives, receiving massive traction on media, and sending its brand relevancy scores through the roof. Reach & Engagement: •13.2Mn unique audiences reached via the videos •2 Mn+ completed views in a span of 5 days •4.65 Mn+ absolute engagements •10 Mn+ audience through offline media And most importantly, brand relevance went up! Key parameters for Dalda Cooking Oils that showed significant improvement: •Stands for something unique – Up by 17% •Brand I trust – Up by 18% •Recommendation by family/friends – Up by 85% •Good for health – Up by 100% #PehleTum, two words that changed an age-old unfair social practice, and made a brand lost to the times relevant again for current and future consumers.

Dalda, India’s oldest cooking-oil brand, wanted to engage with and create brand relevance amongst the next generation of consumers. To do so, we created an integrated campaign - utilising influencers and the most effective media platforms in India – to deliver a message, stand for a cause and effect positive change for our target consumers, thereby creating brand relevance among younger audiences.Through the strategic use of multiple media types and touchpoints, we were able to do exactly that, sparking a conversation that reached 14 million across the country and amassed 4.65Mn+ absolute engagements, and lastly, boosting brand recommendation by 85%

The brand’s target audience is women aged 25-50. However, we knew we had to shake-up the entire ecosystem around her, including her family and the food industry. Therefore, our target audience widened extensively to include a broader group of demographics. Engaging all these stakeholders in bespoke ways to make them realise, acknowledge and appreciate that women deserve to be at the dinner table, was the only way to create a change in our consumers’ lives. Our consumer insights showed that we had to use multiple touchpoints to reach (these various audiences), engage (each one in a way that resonates and makes them question a time-old tradition) and influence (them to create change, while also driving brand relevancy) each one of our target audiences. This would entail a judiciously woven mix of media, involving digital, print, radio, outdoor, TV, celebrities/influencers, restaurants, furniture stores and even schools to drive the message “home”.


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