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The Campaign

Singapore is known to be boring and soulless. But it’s much more than the sum of its tourist attractions. It’s the sum of the passion of its people - sneaker designers, unique park curators, indoor skydivers, Michelin-starred street food chefs. We called this ‘Passion Made Possible’. We shared their stories across every type of media. Unique trails on our website helped travellers discover the passionate side of Singapore. 6 different tribe films invited the world to come and share the passions of Singaporeans. The campaign was launched with an anthemic spot – it introduced Singapore as a place where everyone can live their passion. We then collaborated with passionate people from around the world, and created possibilities for everyone to enjoy. The result was a series of co-created cultural activations. We showed the world that if you have a passion, Singapore is where it is made possible.

Creative Execution

We wrote ‘Passion Made Possible’, captured it through a 2-minute film shot with an entire cast of Singaporeans and launched it on Singapore’s 52nd national day. But it wasn't just about one launch film. We wanted to change the way people experienced Singapore. So we shared stories of the passions of Singaporeans and promoted to travellers at various touch points, from pre to post trip. Content films increased consideration of Singapore as a place to visit. Print and Outdoor gave people more reasons to choose Singapore. Social and passion trails let people see Singapore differently during their visit. Key Opinion Leaders from different markets also came to meet our ambassadors and co-create new possibilities in Singapore. For Japan, a feature film and a new mascot. For Indonesia, a limited edition scarf collection, and a wall mural. For Australia, a new recipe. For China, a brand new single and music video.

The brand film garnered a total of more than 192 million video views in the first 3 months. 'Passion Made Possible' got the world to not only talk about Singapore but also rethink Singapore. We saw an 31.7% uplift in global discussions of Singapore, among which, it has been talked about as a destination to make possibilities and enable people to live their passions (+79.1%). Prompted by our activations, people started talking directly to the brand through @visitsingapore with a 57.2% uplift in audience interactions with 'Visit Singapore', which means the brand idea of Passion Made Possible connected to the core products of Singapore that drive arrivals and spend. The site experienced 24.4% more monthly traffic. Ultimately it was a year of record tourism performance for 2017 with Visitor Arrivals increased by 9.7% from the months following launch. There were 650k more people coming to experience Singapore in these months.

More than just launch a conventional tourism campaign, 'Passion Made Possible' created a global invitation – a rally cry – to the world, across different stakeholders with one idea. The response was beyond positive, with international media and trade partners applauding the fresh, inspirational approach to destination marketing. The body of work marked a new direction for the brand to tell a fuller Singapore story beyond tourist sites, spots and scenes. It articulates what we stand for as a country, and generates inspiring stories about the city and its people.

Destinations talk about themselves through the many different things you can do there. But we don’t want to just show you what you can do here. Instead, we want to show you what you can be. So while other destinations talk about demographics (families, active silvers, millennials, etc.), our strategy was talk to travellers through their passion and the tribes they belong to. We created a total of six passion tribes – foodies, explorers, collectors, action seekers, socialisers, culture shapers – and from each, we shared stories of ordinary Singaporeans doing astonishing things, all in the name of passion. And invited anyone with the same passion to come and meet these people. We also took it further and formulated ‘Possibilities’, an evergreen content where Singaporeans and Key Opinion Leaders (from a specific market) with the same passion get to meet and co-create projects for people to experience in Singapore.


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Elrid Carvalho TBWA\Singapore Creative Director
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AS Anam TBWA\Singapore Creative Director
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Haydn Evans SixToes.TV Executive Producer
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