Idea Creation BENNETT COLEMAN & CO. Mumbai, INDIA

The Campaign

To raise awareness among women, we launched a campaign - #IAMTHEDRIVE for 2018. The campaign started to interact with women across Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. This hook became synonymous to the inexorable spirit of Times Women’s Drive participants - motivating every one of them – to adopt the cause and become part of a drive that celebrates womanhood in every sense.

Creative Execution

#IAMTHEDRIVE campaign ran in almost every conceivable consumer touchpoints to bring alive the attitude and emotion. From Print and digital to social and direct response and PR – we pushed the hook and the emotions associated with #IAMTHEDRIVE. The campaign engaged with the women across Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, across all generations - encouraged them to take on the roads to embrace the message and the joy of adventure. Jeep, one of the leading brands in the global automobile industry also partnered with the Drive to support the cause and the spirit. Jeep and Times Women’s Drive curated a special off-roading experience for the participants of TWD through it Camp Jeep Collaboration thus reinforcing the magic of women power on and off the roads. Bollywood celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor also endorsed the movement with their presence to support the women of Times Women's Drive 2018.

The Campaign witnessed an unprecedented buzz and a spontaneous upsurge to break the stereotypical voices both online and offline - in just 12 Weeks the campaign reached out to 12.9 million women across Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad - resulting in 500-plus cars with 1600 plus women participating in the largest all-women Time-Speed-Distance car rally. This helped us raising INR 1 Million for the Women's Cancer Initiative-Tata Memorial Hospital (WCI-TMH). Not only that, the voices of these 1600 women traveled across continents, for the first time – Egypt’s first all-women car rally team - Gazelle Rally Team joined the Drive to support the message and the cause; Closer to home, India’s First Lady Wing Commander, Pooja Thakur drove through the Indian Roads all the way to Goa. Our campaign brought back the fundamental truth, that we’re stronger when we stand together.

The Times Group is a progressive media house and our philosophy has always been that of “show, don’t tell.” With every campaign, our goal has been to empower our readers, and enable them to become change makers. Times Women's Drive is a platform by The Times Group, that perfectly reflects all its ethos. The Drive today, the Drive is symbolic to the spirit within every Indian woman who wishes to go beyond the ordinary while supporting the gratifying purpose of creating awareness around Breast Cancer and the treatment of the underprivileged, in partnership with Women's Cancer Initiative-Tata Memorial Hospital (WCI-TMH).

In order to create a platform that challenges stereotypes and labels while creating a Movement for a cause, our strategy was: 1. We created a hook, #IAMTHEDRIVE and pushed it on Print and Digital to mobilise and motivate every woman to own the message and become part of a drive that celebrates womanhood in every sense. 2. We joined hands with the leading cancer research hospitals like Tata Memorial - Mumbai, P. D. Hinduja - Mumbai to facilitate our cause for Breast Cancer Awareness and treatment 3. We also partnered with the leading online fundraising website Ketto.Org to facilitate our cause to raise further funds for our initiative. 4. Since, Jeep was our presenting sponsor, we curated a special off-roading experience for the participants of the Drive called Camp Jeep. This benefited the brand as women got to experience the Jeep cars at various extreme conditions - resulting in sales.


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