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The Campaign

The idea was to penetrate the hearts of drivers, who were otherwise indifferent to road safety messages, by delivering a safety message from the people that mattered the most to them – their children. Building around the central message of “Slow Down, Daddy”, we appealed to our target audience by reminding them that the best thing they can do for their family is to return home safely. To bring this idea to life, we surprised a highway bus driver with a personal video message from his son at a rest stop restaurant and captured his reactions on film. The son’s heartfelt plea for safe driving and the driver’s genuine response was used to trigger the emotions of our wider target audience. Additional creative executions carrying the campaign message were strategically tailored to the audience’s journey – from the moment they enter the highway to the second they exit.

Creative Execution

On March 2017, we held a media event at the 115-mile rest stop to unveil the campaign collaterals. Drivers were exposed to “Slow Down, Daddy” messaging throughout their journey: Along the highway •Toll-gate light boxes •Progressive billboard messaging •“Slow Down, Daddy” car air-fresheners distributed at toll booths At the rest stop •Display of mangled vehicle with the message “To avoid such destruction, slow down, daddy” •Flyer inserts at participating restaurants •An emotional film with a highway bus driver getting a surprise video message from his son urging him to drive safely Beyond the highway •Nationwide Facebook campaign disseminating road safety tips and amplifying our emotional video (link: http://bit.ly/2LtGTKg) •Cars from Shell’s Lubricants became “moving billboards” •An education program led by MRCS to train villagers along the highway on safe road use was rolled out

Outcomes The Ministry of Construction recognized the campaign’s contribution to a 30% drop in road accidents and deaths on the highway, despite an increase in daily highway traffic between 2016 to 2017. Reach As of June 2018, the campaign reached over 14 million people through the highway messaging and online executions. It also earned 170 million impressions from 39 positive articles in key local media. Engagement The campaign billboards attracted a lot of positive attention and the nationwide Facebook campaign garnered over 245,000 engagements, resulting in an overall engagement rate of 6% (> 5% industry average). Social media sentiments were overwhelmingly positive (95%). The public expressed they were able to connect with the messaging, as if it was their children asking them to slow down. The campaign also received positive feedback from government, communities, business partners and NGOs, and was showcased as a case study to other government officials.

“Slow Down, Daddy” is the first road safety campaign of its kind in Myanmar that utilizes a 360 communications approach – from public relations, advertising, social media, on-ground outreach and activation. Our blend of emotive story-telling and messaging captured the interest of an apathetic public on safe road use and helped raise awareness on the subject. This is a significantly different strategy from existing road safety messages in the country. Past signages and campaigns typically adopted a purely technical and factual approach instead of one that is also creative and emotional, to warn drivers about road crashes.

The Traffic Police, National Road Safety Council, Myanmar Organisation for Road Safety, MRCS and GRSP were brought together for a workshop. We also ran over 60 face-to-face interviews with highway drivers. Key Findings Our target audience are primarily fathers aged 30-44, who form majority of the high-risk group amongst highway motorists; with speeding and fatigue being their top risk factors. Current Mentality “Accidents are caused by external factors (road conditions, evil spirits) and not how I drive.” Desired Response “Being responsible to my family means being careful about how I drive.” Approach Recognising that self-control peaks when it linked to a responsibility, our strategy was to liken the sense of responsibility felt towards their family to their sense of responsibility on the road. We utilised executions along the highway to reach them during their journey, while PR and social media were leveraged to reach them before and after the trip.


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