Idea Creation RADAR Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

The creative concept of “Discover the potential” brings out a series of symbolic metaphors to project the possibility of something bigger and better with Asian fixed income. With our Asian fixed income franchise, we used the metaphor of a pot plant transforming into a stable, robust tree with yield and harvest; drawing the analogy of how Asian fixed income can bring interest and stable income to investors’ portfolio. Expanding to our range of 6 fixed income solutions, each fund’s unique selling point and benefit is illustrated vividly with the same creative concept by using a foreground object and the “imagined possibility” as the key visual on the mural wall which draws out the potential of what the solution can offer.

Creative Execution

The campaign rolled out in HK, Taiwan and Singapore between March to September. • Placement: ? - HK: Prominent outdoor billboard was located in Central station with a weekly traffic of 700,000 plus passers-by; sixty buses across HK island and Kowloon carried our advertisement together with a series of print ads in local newspapers. ? - Taiwan: Large-scale poster-on-wall was mounted at Taipei City Hall subway platform and Zhongxiao Fuxing station, attracting 3 million eyeballs over a period of 8 weeks. In addition to full page newspaper ad, content-led advertorial was deployed with reputable publishers. ? - Singapore: 150 taxis were wrapped with our eye-catching Franchise creative, driving awareness of the campaign together with investor education content on corporate site ( . • Scale Media buy ranged from USD 200-300k per market with an effective use of marketing dollars driving awareness of the category and traffic to respective country’s page.

• Reach: No. of site visits reached nearly 350,000 unique visits with quality traffic, bringing in keen investors with a low bounce rate under 20%. • Engagement: Average dwell time of one minute in HK & TWN site and a 10% CTR for ‘Further product details’, show high interest to offering. Over 2.6m views of the AFI video were recorded, with nearly 70% of viewing the entire video, showing high relevance to investors’ needs. • Impact: Post-campaign research results: Fidelity’s Asian fixed income franchise awareness in all 3 markets achieved as one of the Top 3 asset manager brands when it comes to being an expert in this space. • Sales: Significant sales momentum was observed in HK together with co-brand activities with local banks. Statistical analysis with a strong P-value at 0.064, demonstrated additional 20% of sales was brought to the firm as a result of this integrated campaign.

The Asian Fixed Income (AFI) campaign is an integrated effort across outdoor, print and digital advertising, distributor events, investor events, digital content, social platform and media relations across 3 markets in Asia: Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. There are 8 individual creative executions in the campaign profiling our Asian fixed income franchise expertise and our range of individual funds. The creatives are hand-drawn original artworks by an Australia artist which highlight the selling points of each fund in our fixed income range i.e. growth, stability, income, agility, through a 'street art' creative style.

Integration To showcase Fidelity’s deep understanding of Asia and our integrated research approach, a high production value video ( was produced featuring our investment team while local markets (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore) promoted focus funds among retail mutual fund investors under the umbrella of AFI franchise to deliver the business objectives. This media strategy was built upon a specific plan, kicking off Franchise creative, building up the foundation and story of Asian fixed income followed by a series of focus funds promotion. Country specific landing pages supporting the campaign were created for local adaptation. Singapore Hong Kong Taiwan Print and outdoor were used to raise awareness of investment capability while digital platform like Facebook, Youtube, boosted video views; social platform, collaboration with KOL and native ads were used to drive engagement, arouse investors’ interests to take action in shaping one’s portfolio with our 6 different solutions.


Name Company Position
Amanda Tibbett Fidelity Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific
Cynthia Lin Fidelity Head of Insights & Propositions
Kazumi Chidachi Fidelity Associate Director, Marketing
Catherine Crichton Fidelity Associate Director, Creative
Angie Rehe The Illustration Room Artist
Kristian Breuer RADAR Account Director
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