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The Campaign

Glory. Kids in China dream huge. They love to take on challenges (51.8%) because they dream to stand out (50.4%) and emerge victorious. E-sports is the youth’s arena today. At least half of Chinese millennials are already seeking glory as e-sports gamers, and this is the opportunity to let the Doritos audience “release their inner bold.” Just like in any game, kids want to beat the boss.

Creative Execution

Thousands of players across China joined – giving us a response rate that’s 222% better than the average e-sports challenge. We released 3 viral videos promoting the challenge and broadcasted the games. After thousands of rounds in the tournament, a winning team emerged to compete in the finals against Faker and his SKT team. The location of this final match: The Great Wall, China’s most glorious landmark. People from all over the country tuned in to Douyu to watch this legendary match. One young player became the nation’s new hero, beating Faker in one of the games! Faker and his team still won overall, but for the Chinese youth, their fight for glory became one of the most epic in e-sports history.

The campaign become the hottest buzz on e-sports with 1.2 billion impressions, 220 million people joining the social topic, and 23 million video views. On Baidu, search index grew by 35% after the campaign. Media ROI reached an incredible 450%! Sales grew by 23%, and Doritos became the highest selling snack of PepsiCo China. A special Doritos hand gesture (forming the Doritos shape with your fingers) even became popular after fans saw Faker doing it during the games – making the brand an icon.

We fully leverage online and offline media, to use offline event become a stunt while using online livestreaming to make it massive. At the same time, we collect consumer data by inviting them to attend offline event for further targeting. The case is all based on our insight to this young generation and learn to use the best integrated way to fully reach them. The success could not achieve without any of these elements.

Faker is the super star king of the world’s most popular game, League of Legends (LOL). He ranks no.1 globally and is the only person who has won in the world championships thrice. Chinese people call him “the unbeatable monster” – the Michael Jordan of LOL. Dorito’s needed to appeal to every Chinese gamer’s ambition: to beat the unbeatable Faker. We launched a once in a lifetime opportunity – to beat the world’s best. By partnering directly with League of Legends, we designed a special Faker challenge to attract players from all over the country, However, glory is not glory until everyone knows. The stage had to be more massive. The scale that we wanted can only be delivered by Douyu, the hottest mobile livestreaming platform for gamers.


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