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The Campaign

When most people look up to those chosen few, heroes and stars, Alibaba as a leading technology and platform company, it looks down to the majority, to common people, and aim to empower those small people, small enterprises with equal chance to compete in the worldwide marketplace. This coincide with Olympic spirit that encourage every individual’s participation and fair play. To state the point of view clear, we choose to use true story to tell. The whole campaign made up with 2 true stories follows a brand manifesto, to celebrate the greatness of small.

Creative Execution

Implementation: Developed a brand manifesto video to state the brand voice – To the greatness of small Supported with 2 true stories full of human touch Make dream come true – Brought the only ice hockey team in Kenya to Olympic Winter Games Timeline: Feb 01 – Feb 12, 2017 Scale: Global ad campaign in 5 countries + local event in PyeongChang, South Korea Media platform: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, CNN, BBC at global level & Weibo, Youku in China

Reach : Total Video Exposure: 847Million + Total Video Viewership: 110Million + Total Video Click View: 13.86MIllion Engagement: Weibo(China SNS) # Topic Generating: 500Million + (Earned Media) Twitter: 50 million impressions, 5.3k mentions and gained 4k+ new followers Facebook: 40k+ page visits, 15k+ likes, 1.4 million engagements, reached 14.8 million people and gained 16k+ new followers Alibaba Pyeongchang Showcasing Pavilion attracts 40K visitors during the 3-week game time. Impact: Earned Media Report: 580+ International media reports NBC: Special and exclusive feature on Kenya Ice Hockey Team

Being a worldwide partner of the Olympic Games for the 1st time, Alibaba desired for a strong brand voice to speaks for themselves: A voice that has a shared value for both Alibaba and Olympic; A voice that helps Alibaba to present themselves to global audience for the 1st time; A voice that resonance people in the perspective of humanity and authenticity, 3 short films, carried out the brand voice as core creative content, reached global audience through multiple online/offline media vehicles. The blocks building to each other and resulted in a positive response from audience and market.

Target audience: 1st tier: Mass audience, young adults and sports fans skew in key countries: US, UK, Japan, South Korea and China 2nd tier: Decision makers and IT manager of small-mid enterprises/business in key countries mentioned above. Approach: Instead of showing off fancy technology that is only for a WOW moment, Alibaba dedicates to empowering small business and young people from day one founded back in 19 years ago. Alibaba choose to go for alternative way, state the point of view on SMALL, and fulfilled with true human stories as content support. And not only to keep the dreams of small people in ad campaign, but also bring them to real life. That’s a shared value with Olympic spirit, encourage everyone’s participation as a celebration to human world, and promotes for fair play.


Name Company Position
Nicole Ma Proximity China CCO
Charles Xu Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Group Head
Paper Li Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Senior copywriting
Grace Xu Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Senior Art Director
Grace Yu BBDO Shanghai Head of Production
Marco Yang Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Art Director
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