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Idea Creation TITAN Bangalore, INDIA
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The Campaign

To become relevant to the fashionable modern Indian woman, we didn’t just infuse everyday fashion codes into the brand, we questioned the norms of everyday fashion. We questioned the way people think, how people think they cannot defy existing fashion norms while highlighting the possibilities that come with ‘change’. We decided to bring alive the product story with the designer of our exclusive collection herself. Masaba – the creator of the collection was chosen to be the face of the campaign to build relevance through her unique, quirky personal style. Masaba openly questioned the rules of fashion while you see the product being exquisitely manufactured. The product's creation is synchronized with the designer's narrative as it shows its uniqueness in design while it forms.

Creative Execution

Implementation We used Masaba’s flamboyant, bold style to create a film - #TickTalk to seed modern fashion codes into the brand. The idea was to question the set rules of fashion for the modern Indian woman. Intrigue - Lead conversations with #TickTalk - Guess the Designer Contest - Countdown to the reveal Unveil - Grand Launch Event - Press Launch of the #TickTalk Film - Live streaming - Influencer Attendance - Live tweets and Twitter Trend Excite - Voot: Standalone tab on the Voot Home page. High Impact & Visibility masthead - Mcanvas: interactive ads to enable users to interact with the watches - High impact reservation buy on YouTube - #TickTalk Contest – Masaba asking you ‘what makes you Tick’ where 7 lucky winners would win a watch from Raga Masaba collection - Launch of Microsite

We came through with flying colors! - 18% Value growth in Raga - 12000+ pieces sold @ 13k AUCP - Acquired 57% new customers - Rise in Share of Preference (SOP) > Among modern females (Increased by 6%) and Overall Core + Modern (Increased by 10%) - Significant impact on brand’s imagery Modern women started considering Raga as fashionable and glamorous > A fashionable brand (Increased by 6%) > For glamorous people (Increased by 8%) > Endorsed by celebrities (Increased by 11%) - 230+ Million Impressions - 35 Million Reach

Communicating brand message through relevant platforms that are part of the modern Indian woman’s world - Teaser to give the audience a chance to interact with the brand - Launch event with popular fashion influencers to build excitement - Creating a deeper connect with the product and its design through interactive contest. It highlighted the product’s fit with the consumer’s fashion sensibilities - Collaborating with top fashion magazines and celebrities to highlight the fashion quotient and thereby build relevance and consideration - Create an experience through live events at malls, airports and pop up wagon to motivate purchase and loyalty

Research & Understanding the TG After an in-depth research we realized that the modern Indian woman was evolving. Being fashionable and being admired for it was important. She was adding her personal touch and creating her own meaning of ‘fashion’. Integration Digital, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, entertainment websites like Voot, malls and fashion magazines, all are an integral part of her world where she interacts and discovers brands that talk to this niche set of bold, expressive and fashionable women. Approach The modern Indian woman is expressive and seeks to add that expressiveness to her personal style. So we chose to contemporize ‘everyday fashion’ by questioning its set rules


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