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The Campaign

CONTRADICTING CONSUMER INSIGHTS Contrary to the bleak health statistic that 30% OF HONGKONGERS ARE OBESE, data shows that Hongkongers exercise more than other countries. They HAVE ATTEMPTED TO EXERCISE and LIVE HEALTHILY, but it WASN’T SUSTAINABLE, dropping off after taking the “First Step”. BEHAVIOURAL INSIGHTS INSPIRES CREATIVE STRATEGY The interest in changing one’s lifestyle is there but it is perceived to be too difficult to accomplish. We needed to make it manageable for First-Steppers to change their lifestyles. We needed to take small steps to accomplish BIG strides; BREAK HEALTHY LIVING INTO BITE-SIZED STEPS FOR SUCCESS. This inspired the philosophy of the campaign ‘Striding On’ which also takes inspiration from the Chinese saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Regardless of what one wishes to achieve, one must take the first-step and be persistent in working towards one’s goal.

Creative Execution

1) Ignite Motivation with INFLUENCERS Partnered with 3 categories of influencers to address consumer needstates: • Build Credibility through 3 Authoritative Olympian influencers as content partners • 6 Aspirational influencers from celebrities to triathletes inspired “I can do it too” mentality • Groundswell via 200+ Peer influencers created FOMO, driving participation 2) Increase Ability via BITE-SIZED BRANDED CONTENT Participants complete fitness tasks daily, guided by content created by the authoritative influencers. They acted as VIRTUAL MENTORS, guiding the participant step-by-step to develop healthy habits with tailored videos, infographics, mini-games, etc. 3) Inducing Action through A.I. POWERED TARGETING & PAID MEDIA A.I. IMAGE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY powered targeting by analysing numerous image signals at inhuman speeds, pairing them with location and contextual social mentions data. We delivered the most relevant ad to consumers, driving personalisation-at-scale. PROGRAMMATIC AND SOCIAL MEDIA ADS helped reach high-interest individuals. EMAIL notifications nudged to remind of daily participation.

HIGH PARTICIPATION & ENGAGEMENT with interested audiences • 85% engagement rate • 90% interested to participate in similar programmes by HKJC • 83% will recommend to others • 100,000+ completed tasks & 277,000+ unique visitors IMPROVED AWARENESS OF HKJC’S PURPOSE & VALUES • 6.8m views of online video content • 80% aware of HKJC’s “Striding On” spirit through the campaign • 75% agreed HKJC drives betterment of Hong Kong • 68% agreed HKJC supports and encourages people to progress together ENHANCED BRAND IMAGE • 80% agreed HKJC contributes to society • More people perceived HKJC as a progressive organisation (+2ppt) • More people acknowledged HKJC’s contribution to the community (+2ppt) STRIDING ON SPIRIT contributed to COMMUNITY BETTERMENT – THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING • Thanks to the active participation of Hongkongers, HKD 2,000,000 was raised by HKJC for UNICEF HK with each task completed

Media accompanied consumers throughout their journey, allowing them to embody the ‘Striding On’ ethos of Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), ultimately striding on towards a healthier lifestyle with the brand. The seamless integration of media was designed to move consumers down the behavioural change funnel from motivation through to actual action. Tasked to bring about behavioral change, each media played an integrated role: • Ignite motivation–KOLs as mentors, guiding consumers throughout their self-improvement journey • Increase ability–bite-sized branded content as daily guides to build skillsets towards behaviour change • Induce action–A.I. powered precise media targeting to reach high-intent users

Hence, our STRATEGIC DIRECTION is to convince receptive “First Steppers” to embody the ‘Striding On’ Spirit and motivate them to gain momentum until the lifestyle becomes a habit. For behaviour change to occur, we must comply to three factors as inspired by Fogg’s Psychological BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE MODEL (FBM) 1) Ignite Motivation 2) Increase Ability 3) Induce Action Additionally, other studies also show that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. STRIDING ON: 21-DAY CHALLENGE HKJC developed the STRIDING ON: 21-DAY CHALLENGE; a digital fitness program with different streams which aimed to make healthy living a habit through a series of bite-sized tasks over 21 days. Drawing inspiration from FBM, it shaped the campaign’s strategic execution: 1) Ignite Motivation – Inspire desire for healthy living 2) Increase Ability – Build momentum toward success with bite-sized steps 3) Induce Action – Activating awareness for behaviour change with timely call-to-actions


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