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Name Company Position
João Braga J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Chief Creative Officer
Thasorn Boonyanate J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Creative Director/ Head of Content and Digital
Danai Apiwatmongkol J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Creative Group Head
Kusuma Arunanondchai J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Junior Art Director
Intira Tripukdeekul J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Digital Art Director
Supalerk Silarangsri J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Copywriter
Supanat Wachiralappaitoon J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Copywriter
Supannapa Traitonwong J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Brand Team Leader
Nutthapong Wannakovit J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Client Service Director
Michelle Abeleda J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Group Account Director
Prachawan Ketavan J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Head of Planning Director
Jiroj Mechoojit J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Head of Production
Duangjai Choomnoommanee J.WALTER THOMPSON BANGKOK Producer
Nattawut Poonpiriya Houseton Film Director
Wattanapong Wongwan Houseton Film Co-Director
Phaklao Jiraungkoonun Houseton Film Cinematographer
Chonlasit Upanigkit Houseton Film Editor
Amorn Nilthep Houseton Film Executive Producer
Kobrsak Noomnoi Houseton Film Producer
Kritakorn Tanuchaikar Soundwave Sound Designer
Chanut Thatritorn Aftershoot Post Production Post Production Artist

The Campaign

“Tiny Doll” is a biographical short film that chronicles the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of Rika Ishige, Thailand’s #1 fighter and MMA champion whose fire to fight is fueled by her childhood traumas. In a 6-minute long take, she takes the audience through the story of her life – from the early days as a small and delicate girl made bully victim to finding the strength to conquer her fears and become an MMA champion. With “Tiny Doll”, Kleenex not only breaks the category norm, but raises much-needed awareness of bullying in Thailand, empowering Thai women to fight back while still preserving their soft and gentle nature. #GentleNotWeak

Creative Execution

The film we wanted to make would only work if it's truly believable and engaging. So we kept the filming process as authentic as possible. Rika herself became the lead. Her interview became the script. The fight scene featured the referee and commentator from her actual fights. And to bring it all together, we used continuous long-take techniques to make the audience feel like they're right there with her through each stage of her life's journey. Yet, this realistic approach finds an interesting contrast with surreal music and lighting, which lets the audience experience this story from inside Rika's imagination.

The whole online campaign gained over 5.8 million views on Facebook and Youtube and made headlines on national and international media. The film itself redefined the power of branded content in the self-care category, inspiring women all over Thailand to find their inner strength while preserving their soft and gentle nature. All the while raising a much-needed awareness of bullying in Thailand.

In a 6-minute long take, the audience follows Rika Ishigue’s story as she powers through adversity with her soft and gentle nature to overcome the bullies and become a martial arts champion. With "Tiny Doll", Kleenex not only breaks the category norm, but raises much-needed awareness of bullying in Thailand.

To launch a best-in-class tissue paper, Kleenex would launch an online film that is powerful enough to turn heads and boost the brand's credibility. Our strategy was to find a strong emotional role for the tissue product: Wiping blood, sweat, and tears – soothing the pain with gentleness. For much of the Thai audience, their source of pain is bullying. Thailand suffers the world's 2nd-highest rate of bullying at school with 600,000 children bullied each year according to the Department of Mental Health. To shed light on this issue, we found our candidate in Rika Ishige, a "Tiny Doll" who overcame her emotional and physical pain as a bully victim in pursuit of her "best" as an MMA champion.


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