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Name Company Position
Ben Welsh DDB Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Tara Ford DDB Sydney Executive Creative Director
Michael Barnfield DDB Sydney Creative Partner
Jared Wicker DDB Sydney Copywriter
Anne Lau DDB Sydney Copywriter
Hannah King DDB Sydney Art Director
Kate Sheppard DDB Sydney Managing Partner
Claire Hynes DDB Sydney Business Director
Penny Lipsham Mango Sydney Head of Social
Dom Hickey DDB Sydney Planning Partner
Sevda Cemo DDB Sydney Head of Integrated Content
Alyce Guy DDB Sydney Producer
Danny Grifoni DDB Sydney Sound Design
Aleks Manou DDB Sydney Online Editor
Richard Maxton DDB Sydney 2nd Unit DOP/Director
Belinda Driscoll J&J Marketing Director
Amy Luitingh J&J Brand Manager
Jonathon Reid J&J Marketing Manager
Louisa Thraves J&J Head of Media

The Campaign

We used experienced owners-operators of vaginas to share wit and wisdom on periods, confidence, care, sex, dating and beyond. Carefree presents the Matriarchs – four women who may not get periods anymore, but do have a lot of advice to share with a younger generation. Previously overlooked, we gave them a long-overdue stage to discuss issues of periods, sex and changing values. They fielded questions with hilarity, confidence and grace – delivering real life lessons young women could learn from and laugh with. We simply asked them questions, and they did the rest. Completely unfiltered and unscripted, we relied on their own experience, wit and sassy attitudes to provide the wisdom and entertainment. These ‘mature’ women turned out to be ultimate in female empowerment – no longer conforming to what a society thinks ‘feminine’ should look or sound like.

Creative Execution

After filming for a day, we found ourselves with hours of hilarious and touching stories and life advice. We introduced our Matriarchs on YouTube and Facebook with a hero film. We even linked back to the film on Instagram with short teaser videos. Eighteen short-form videos were also made – all visually arresting enough to actually convince a girl to stop scrolling through her feed. Each one also tied into a product or piece of advice, but also linked back to the hero film. Together, the videos create an always-on tapestry of content that runs across multiple social and digital channels for a full year.

More reach than any previous Carefree campaign. Brand engagement at an all-time high, with 82% positive interactions. 42% above average completion rate. 1.8 million engagements and counting.

We designed a campaign whole-heartedly built for the social platforms our target audience (women aged 18 to 29) love. Primarily, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. That allowed us to target exactly who we wanted with multiple videos, letting our story unfold on the platform they felt most comfortable on. It also let us work across platforms to tell a richer story for women who wanted to hear more from our vaginal veterans.