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Media Placement MEDIACOM Mumbai, INDIA
Production RED ICE FILMS Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rajdeepak Das Leo Burnett India MD-India & CCO - South Asia, Leo Burnett
Saurabh Varma Leo Burnett India CEO, Leo Burnett South Asia & Publicis Communications India
Dheeraj Sinha Leo Burnett India MD - India & CSO - South Asia, Leo Burnett
Manasvi Abrol Leo Burnett India Creative Director
Abhisek Patnaik Leo Burnett India Creative Strategist
Ashish Gautam Leo Burnett India Creative Strategist
Ashish Sharma Leo Burnett India Copywriter
Nikhil Lotankar Leo Burnett India Art Director
Nitin Menon Leo Burnett India Copywriter
Peter Joseph Leo Burnett India Creative Strategist
Sagar Parab Leo Burnett India Creative Director
Rakesh Hinduja Leo Burnett India Executive Director & Branch Head, Mumbai
Abhimanyu Khedkar Leo Burnett India Vice President
Aditi Shivdasani Leo Burnett India Brand Partner
Ajeeta Bharadwaj Leo Burnett India Executive Vice President & Head of Planning, Mumbai
Sushrita Mukherjee Leo Burnett India Brand Strategy Director
Falgun Busa Leo Burnett India Producer (Leo Burnett India)
Robby Grewal Red Ice Films Director
Gary Grewal Red Ice Films Director
Eeshit Narain Red Ice Films DOP
Vandana Singh Red Ice Films Executive Producer
Priyank Misra Red Ice Films Producer
Hanif Red Ice Films Music Director
Abhishek Desai Procter and Gamble India Associate Director
Ravi Chamoli Procter and Gamble India India Communications Lead
Rishi Jain Procter and Gamble Assistant Brand Manager
Somdutt Sarkar Procter and Gamble India Design Manager
Shibani Shah Procter and Gamble India India Communications

The Campaign

Our idea was to communicate the positive impact people's choices make on the lives of a million children, through the story of one child, Appu - a boy who wanted to go to school. And his father who didn’t have the heart to tell him there are no schools nearby. Every day, we see Appu, getting ready for school. But his father tries distracting him in different ways, even getting the villagers to help out, either by luring him with a toy ship, scaring him with a fake roar, or by pretending a scooter breakdown. Days go by as Appu’s hope goes down, so does his father’s - who dreams of his child reaching for the stars someday. Then one day, he receives that golden call and surprises Appu with an actual school that P&G Shiksha built. The joy on Appu’s face is summed up by his father’s emotion.

Creative Execution

P&G Shiksha wanted to show people the impact of their everyday choice with a story that tugs at the heart. Thus, was born the story of a boy who wanted to go to school in an emotional 4 minute film that took the internet and the nation by storm. The film titled #ChooseForChange captured the interest and emotions of the public, inspiring them to make their own little choices to change the lives of millions. In a way, P&G Shiksha told the story of a million children, through the story of one child. The film was produced during the months of February, 2018 and eventually launched on May 2nd, 2018. Living predominantly on YouTube and the social media channels of P&G Shiksha.

Overall viewership of over 100 million making it the most viral campaign in P&G India’s history. 69+million on YouTube and 30+million through Facebook. It was also one of the first P&G India campaigns shared through WhatsApp. Approximately 1 million brand engagements. Shares - 76,916 Likes/Reactions - 876,604 Comments - 13,478 New subscribers and followers on social media - 10,400 Brand Purchase Intent saw an uplift of 15% on average amongst P&G products. Breakdown as follows - Whisper - 23% Tide - 16% H&S - 16% Ariel - 15% Gillette - 10% At the time of the campaign launch, Shiksha had helped build and support 1500 schools positively impacting the lives of 1.2 million children. That number has now grown to 1800 schools and 1.4 million children. While that increase in figure cannot be accredited to the campaign itself, it shows that Shiksha’s momentum is on the rise.

The intent was to tell an emotional story through this 4 minute film about a father and his child, and the little dreams they see every day. The story of Appu, who wants to go to school and the despair of his father – who knows there are no schools nearby. The story of Appu hit the right spot in Indian hearts with a song that whispered the thoughts of every parent – who feel the pain of lying to their children, while hoping they will one day get the opportunity to reach for the stars.

With Shiksha being part of the P&G India family, the target audience was the cumulative target audience of all P&G brands. The focus though was maintained on a TIER 1 audience, people from India’s top cities who are most aware and socially conscious. Inspiring them to add intent to their everyday purchase and #ChooseForChange. The film aimed to communicate to the people the impact their everyday purchase can and has made in the lives of millions of children. Keeping the TIER 1 audience in mind, the film was launched on YouTube along with other social media channels of Shiksha and WhatsApp, with the approach to gain maximum visibility. Shared by the Indian cricket team captain and 'celebrity moms' who not only relate to the purpose of Shiksha, but also the individual P&G brands such as Ariel, Tide, Whisper, Gillette etc.


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