Product / ServiceFERTILIZER
CategoryA03. Online: Fiction
EntrantMcCANN Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation McCANN Bangkok, THAILAND
Production PHENOMENA Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Wichian Thongsuksiri McCann Executive Creative Director
Warunyoo Sorasetsakoon McCann Creative Director
Wichian Thongsuksiri McCann Art Director
Natthawut Chuklunthong McCann Art Director
Warunyoo Sorasetsakoon McCann Copywriter
Nathatai Boontanom McCann Traffic Manager
Jirapa Birasiriwatana McCann Group Business Director
Pimpanga Virayothin McCann Account Manager
Ratima Thipthep McCann Account Executive
Prateep Pinta Phenomena Director
Savita Kanpariyavatee Phenomena Production Producer
Siriwan Bamrungphol McCann Agency Producer

The Campaign

We want to portray that we can look after consumers’ heart and soul, rice paddy field, with love. To dramatize this love, we brought our fertilizer and the rice paddy field to life through mascot and created romantic comedy musical web film to tell the love story between our fertilizer & the rice paddy field.

Creative Execution

Well-rounded romantic comedy musical web film, setting in countryside of Thailand, illustrates the love story between fertilizer and rice paddy field from the beginning of rice growing period until the end of cycle. Key characters were brought to life using mascots. The love story of how dedicated fertilizer is to rice paddy field in caring for her was told through the remake of 400 million-view-song. We used the familiar melody from the song but wrote new lyrics educating farmers on benefits of our fertilizer throughout rice growing period. The web film was launched on June 12, 2018 and had reach of over a million on Facebook

Facebook has reached the audiences at 1,110,299 The web film was launched on June 12, 2018 and had reach of over a million on Facebook • Engagement : Facebook has created engagement from 12,000 Like, 764 Comments, and 1,300 Shares at the first week after launched. Engagement on Facebook was impressive with 12,000 like, 1,300 shares & 764 comments since first week after launched. • Impact We got total views at 2,5009,802 within one week. (Facebook View : 920,164, Youtube view 1,589,638 views) Within the first week, the web film received phenomenal result of 2.5 million views from Facebook and Youtube.

Thai farmers always listen to country music while they are working in the rice paddy field. When they come home, watching soap opera is one of favorite activities. As new challenger brand, the best way to reach and connect with consumers is through their interests. We combined 2 things they love to create “romantic comedy musical” web film for fertilizer. We use melody from 400 million-Youtube-view song and wrote new lyrics about the love story between fertilizer and rice paddy field highlighted benefits of fertilizer throughout cycle of growing rice.

The strategy was to connect to them through entertainment, the easy-to-consume approach that Thai farmers enjoy watching and win their hearts with superior benefits of our product that take good care of their rice from seed to grain.

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