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Product / ServiceUNI NOODLE
CategoryA03. Online: Fiction
Idea Creation ADK TAIWAN Taipei City, CHINESE TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Cheif Creative Officer
Christine Yu ADK TAIWAN Senior Creative Director
Christine Yu ADK TAIWAN Senior Creative Director
Bell Bai ADK TAIWAN Art Director
EM Chen ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Arial Yu ADK TAIWAN Group Account Director
Ling Ping ADK TAIWAN Account Director
Joy Wang ADK TAIWAN Account Manager
Ivy Lien ADK TAIWAN Production Manager
Ging-Zim, Lo Innovate Films Director
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Chief Creative Officer
Lion Tsai ADK TAIWAN Group Creative Director
Hsinyi Huang ADK TAIWAN Associated Account Director

The Campaign

In the House of Little Moments, an unchanged man and a fickle woman came across. One bowl of noodles came with two flavours and two viewpoints. The audience can choose to see the story from two sides, find interesting perspectives from two sides and meditate on changing or unchaged lifestyles. Are they a couple? Friends? Or only strangers? These terms are not enough to describe and explain their relation because there are so many choices in their fantasy relation. It is not bad to watch the change of these two characters’ mood and feelings and also feel original and simple life. The core of the story is highly related to the quality of the Uni Noodle – a classic original flavor that never changes. So, we decide to emphasize the idea - “choosing Uni Noodle is really cool” and also increase people’s preference and strengthen the connection with “original flavor.”

Creative Execution

The former “Flavour by Mood” series campaign successfully and deeply connected with consumers. It created a huge buzz and even made “House of Little Moments” actually happen in our real life, allowing consumers to experience the stories. In House of Little Moments Season 3, we want to last the brand preference, but need a fresh unique style to attract people while promoting the original flavor product. Therefore, we abandoned the previous way which is narrated by the shop owner, using two characters with two perspectives. The audience can choose different sides of the story to have deep interaction. Online films on YouTube can directly increase the brand preference for Uni Noodle, we also use internet celebrities who are familiar to youngsters to share the films on their Instagram and Facebook in order to create an attitude about original and simple life.

Only launched for 2 months , the film already got more than 6.4 million views on YouTube, triggering people to leave over 1000 comments. The number of Uni Noodle official channel subscribers on YouTube immediately increased more than 10% after releasing online. It successfully established a young brand image for Uni Noodle, narrowed down the gap between youngsters and Uni Noodle, created a buzz around “original flavor” and increased the sales of their key distribution channel, hypermarket by 51.33% dramatically.

Since 2015, Uni Noodle has created a successful campaign – House of Little Moments, building the emotional connection between brand and consumer. Inspired by customers’ stories, the owner of the noodle shop created various fusion cuisine with Uni noodles. Combining the subjects which resonate target customers with various fusion cuisine, we successfully entertained audience, increasing the brand preference of the target customers. In the latest campaign, we abandoned the previous way which is narrated by the shop owner and adopted a fresh and different storytelling style to draw consumers' attention by different and opposite storylines to get more fun experience.

Among the products of Uni-President, Uni Noodle is the most classic original flavor instant noodle. By using reverse marketing strategy, we successfully created a new and unique trend of the classic original flavor. We used a storytelling way with different perspectives to target young people aged 18~34 years old.

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