Short List
Product / ServiceTS CUBIC CARD
CategoryA01. Direction
EntrantADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation ADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TAIYO KIKAKU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Satoshi Otsuka ADK Tokyo Creative Director
Ryusuke Dohi ADK Film Director
Atsushi Matsumoto ADK Copywriter
Kenjo Ohashi ADK Art Director
Tetsuya Seo ADK Creative Producer
Satoshi Ishido ADK Account Executive
Koichi Nishikawa ADK Account Executive
Teppei Ohno Taiyo Kikaku Producer
Shuhei Hosokawa Taiyo Kikaku Producer
Motoki Oishi Taiyo Kikaku Production Manager
Taishi Furukawa Taiyo Kikaku Production Manager
Akari Kubota Taiyo Kikaku Production Manager
Dai Isomi TYO SPARK Creative Center Director
Tetsuro Hirano Independent Cinematographer
Satoshi Mizoguchi Independent Lighting Designer
Etsuko Akiba Independent Production Designer
Toshiyuki Ichihara SCREW Specialized Equipment
Satoshi Araki Independent Diorama Artist
Michinari Maeda Independent Offline Editor
Kouei Ishizaki Independent Online Editor
Akihiro Morita Independent Mixer
Junya Terui Massive Music Music Producer

Brief Explanation

Tiny but precisive miniatures bring a heart-warming family life story. A car(d) life story is the movie that was made to show what the brand offers exactly to customers. The movie starts with the scene that a baby comes to a young couple. He grows up and expands his horizons through a life-changing experience and finally he has his new family. In each scene, 1/150 size small cars such as Toyota Prius, Rav4 and 86 appear and support their life. In the final scene, the background of the story is revealed that each scene was played physically on the credit cards, in order to convey the brand message; “Supporting the stages of your car life”. It’s the message from credit card brand “TS CUBIC CARD” that offers a variety of service to car owners.


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