Product / ServiceTOMOYA
CategoryA01. Direction
EntrantADK NAGOYA Nagoya City, JAPAN
Idea Creation ADK NAGOYA Nagoya City, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Haruhisa Morikawa ADK Creative Director/Copywrighter
Atsushi Ogawa Tohokushinsha Producer
Naomi Izumida Tohokushinsha Director
Yuuna Teshigawara Tohokushinsha Production Manager
Hidero Asakawa Koike Office Cameraman
Ryutaro Takahashi Koike Office Lightman
Yukina Tanaka Code Stylist
Yoshi.T AVGVST international Hairmake
Fumihito Endo Jitto Offline Editor
Kana Sanada Jitto Online Editor
Mutsumi Hamada Melodypunch Music Producer

Brief Explanation

In Japan, only female cows which are raised taking time and care, are recognized as Brand Beef (Matsusaka Beef). We raise them with great care, such as putting on relaxing music, brushing, hoof caring, feeding beer, massaging with shochu(distilled Japanese liquor). This is a TV commercial of "TOMOYA", specialized shop selling this prized beef.