Short List
Product / ServiceLIFE INSURANCE
CategoryA08. Use of Licensed or Adapted Music
Idea Creation 2 DENTSU X Singapore, SINGAPORE

Brief Explanation

In a market dominated by the established global insurance players, SingLife was about to change the game. They were the first to launch 100% online insurance service in Singapore. We wanted to cut-through the sea of sameness and get the attention of a nation. To celebrate parenthood in the most authentic, personal and engaging way. Our launch films were not about lofty dreams and products. It was showing real couples going through real emotions as and when their child is born. Singlife overnight became the talk of the nation and our work was regarded as one of the most progressive narratives of the year in Singapore.


Name Company Position
Ted Lim Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd Chief Creative Officer
Andy Greenaway Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd Executive Creative Director
Mike Middleton Dentsu X Creative Director
Andy Greenaway Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd Copywriter
Nick Licence Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd Copywriter
Zee Yeo Dentsu X Copywriter
Mike Middleton Dentsu X Art Director
Matthew Crescenzo Dentsu X Art Director
Trevor Lim Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd Art Director
Mustapha Zainal Dentsu X Art Director
Joanna Lim Dentsu X Junior Art Director
Jaspreet Kaur Dentsu X Account Director
Stephanie Holzhubur Dentsu X Account Director
Georgia Tan Dentsu X Account Executive
Brenda Yew Dentsu X Account Executive
Sonya David Dentsu X Strategic Planner
Michelle Tan Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd Senior Producer
Hailey Michelle Bartholomew You Can't Be Serious Director
Hailey Michelle Bartholomew You Can't Be Serious Cinematographer
Jeremiah Marcelo Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd Editor
VHQ Singapore VHQ Singapore Post Production
Rennie Gomes Yellowbox Studios Music Arranger
Ricky Ho Yellowbox Studios Music Arranger