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David Ponce de Leon Ogilvy Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Karsten Jurkschat Ogilvy Melbourne Senior Art Director
Alex Little Ogilvy Melbourne Senior Copywriter
David Fox Ogilvy Australia CEO
Gavin MacMillan Ogilvy Melbourne Head of Strategy/Managing Partner
Michael McEwan Ogilvy Melbourne Managing Partner
Belinda Danks-Woodley Ogilvy Melbourne Group Account Director
Sarah Bailey Ogilvy Melbourne Group Account Director
Belinda Bassingthwaite Ogilvy Melbourne Account Director
Jessica McColl Oilvy Melbourne Account Manager
Jason Davey Ogilvy Australia National Head of Digital
Alistair Bruyns Ogilvy Melbourne Head of Digital
Josh Bondy Ogilvy Melbourne Technical Director
Tim Chapman Ogilvy Australia Technical Director
Alex McNeilly Ogilvy Melbourne Senior Digital Project Manager
Gina Hughes Ogilvy Australia UX Director
Mark Tompkins Ogilvy Melbourne Digital Art Director
Rani Shabtai Ogilvy Melbourne Senior Digital Designer/UX Designer
Jesse Steinfort Ogilvy Melbourne Senior Designer
Kate Aurel-Smith Oily PR Associate Director
Bronte Tarn-Weir Ogilvy PR Senior Account Director
Sonia Heng Ogilvy PR Account Manager
April Gore Ogilvy PR Account Executive
Lauren Shepherd Suncorp Project Lead
Alok Pandit Suncorp Project Manager
Andrew Muir Suncorp Digital Self Service Specialist
Albert Kalaja, Kiran Abraham, Ngoc Nguyen, Michael La Suncorp Technical Team
Kristi Woolrych Suncorp EGM Brand and Marketing
Tim Hernadi Suncorp Head of Brand and Marketing
Michelle Martinis, Jo-Anne Tierney, Claire Whish-Wilson, Catherine Bloxsom, Ange AAMI Marketing Team

The Campaign

AAMI SmartPlates, a real-time drive tracker and coach that sits at the centre of a new digital learning eco-system: connecting young drivers, parents, instructors and road authorities for the first time. At the core, is the AAMI SmartPlates mobile app, which tracks every detail of every drive, so Learners can focus on the road while their practice hours, routes, road type, weather and traffic density, are monitored and recorded in real-time. Captured data gets crunched into skills sets so Learners, parents and instructors can gain a complete picture of their progress, what they’re mastering and what needs improvement via a personalised learning plan. AAMI SmartPlates Coach knows why, when and where they need practice and how to motivate them, reducing the risk of accidents caused by overconfidence and inexperience; using driving, map and road data in such an innovative way that could actually help reduce the Australian road toll.

Creative Execution

Using a series of API integrations, coupled with a cross-mobile development platform, the AAMI SmartPlates app is able to use inbuilt mobile functions to automatically record and monitor driving data. Combining this with an authenticated-user driving review, the AAMI SmartPlates app is able to produce a learner driver’s logbook of information. The development process took 6 months with rigorous user testing (including a closed beta) and customised app adjustments to fall in line with each of the different Australian State Government requirements. The SmartPlates mobile app has been placed in both the Australian Apple Store and Google Play store. In addition to our mobile platform, we supported the launch of AAMI SmartPlates with an integrated campaign including website, digital media, YouTube, cinema, social, outdoor and collateral. The learner drivers’ logbook is a legal requirement in Australia, so our scale is national.

• +16 million people reached. • Featured in over 100 pieces of national media. • 88% positive sentiment towards AAMI Brand. • AAMI spokesperson featured in 73% of all earned media coverage • Earned PR/Advertising value over $2million AUD • 5193 unique downloads, 100% South Australian target achieved in first month. • 17,565 unique national downloads to date (July 2017) • More than 2.5 million km’s logged, tracked and recorded. • Change in behavior: The launch of AAMI SmartPlates has been welcomed as a long overdue update to road safety and a catalyst for Australian Road and Traffic authorities to modernise. Since launch in March 2017, it has been officially endorsed by the South Australia, Queensland and Tasmanian governments, adopting our digital platform as their primary Learner Driver platform and allowing young drivers to submit their AAMI SmartPlates logged hours as proof of driving experience.

AAMI data revealed a weakness in sales to young drivers. New to the world of insurance, they usually go with their parents’ choice. Our target audience was young drivers between 16 and 25 years old, due to their reliance on mobile technology and the likely adoptability of a utility program over its paper-based alternative. Our secondary audience was their parents. The mobile platform is the perfect choice for such a utility. It protects data recording and validation, allows for greater ease of data review and fast-tracks users through the process. The approach was to infiltrate driving time with utility. Research uncovered the biggest tension is the requirement to submit the archaic logbook of driving hours to get your learner’s license. The approach was simple – how can the app capture the required data automatically, and once that information is stored, how could an adult supervisor easily review and validate it?


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