Bronze Spike

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Product / ServiceDB EXPORT
CategoryD02. Use of Ambient Outdoor
Idea Creation COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Media Placement PHD Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Additional Company UNION DIGITAL Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Additional Company 2 FINCH Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Nick Worthington Colenso BBDO Creative Chairman
Andy Blood Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director
Simon Vicars Colenso BBDO Creative Director
Andre Sallowicz Colenso BBDO Creative Director
Brett Colliver Colenso BBDO Art Director
James Tucker Colenso BBDO Strategist
Brent Courtney Colenso BBDO Senior Designer
Angela Watson Colenso BBDO Head of Account Management
Brodie Reid Colenso BBDO Group Business Director
Micth Lovich Colenso BBDO Business Director
Kate Boekhorst Colenso BBDO Project Manager
Neil Walker Colenso BBDO Senior Account Manager
Robert Vela Colenso BBDO Account Executive
Jen Storey Colenso BBDO Head of Broadcast
Paul Courtney Colenso BBDO Executive Producer
Scott Chapman Colenso BBDO Senior Producer
Adnaan Narot Colenso BBDO Production Coordinator
Mylene Ong Colenso BBDO Head of Strategy
Andy McLeish Colenso BBDO Head of Planning
Nick Harvey Colenso BBDO Experiential Group Business Director
Nick Harvey Colenso BBDO Experiential Group Business Director
Kath Doubleday Colenso BBDO Account Manager (Experiential)
Andy Routley DB Breweries Managing Director
Sean O’Donnell DB Breweries Marketing Director
Tony Wheeler DB Breweries Senior Marketing Manager – Mainstream Brands
Heath Dickson DB Breweries Brand Manager – DB Export

Brief Explanation

The world is running out of sand, so we built machines that turn our bottles into an environmentally friendly sand substitute. To save the world’s beaches, we asked drinkers to empty a bottle of DB Export. The more empty bottles we had, the more sand substitute we could create. The machines toured bars and events all over the country. Each machine turns a bottle of DB Export into sand in just 5 seconds. As the bottle is pulverised a vacuum system removes contaminants like plastic labels, leaving behind 200 grams of sand substitute. We then partnered with a recycling company to create commercial quantities of our sand by combining our empty bottles with non-recyclable glass destined for landfill. DB Export Beer Bottle Sand was then used to create a fully brand eco concrete product. This bagged concrete was sold nationwide through New Zealand’s biggest home improvement chain (104 stores).