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CategoryA04. Use of Licensed or Adapted Music
Idea Creation adam&eveDDB London, UNITED KINGDOM


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Dan Higson Smith & Western Sound Director
Ants Smith Smith & Western Sound Director
Nick West Smith & Western Sound Director

The Campaign

Cats on Christmas Day, capering beneath an impeccably trimmed tree among the presents, sparkly lights and festive food. Sounds cute and cuddly, right? Nah, the aww's turn to argh's as those Santa claws and paws make with the slashing, smashing and thrashing. There's bashing and gnashing, too. Plus, plenty of crashing. And soon, the feline horde lays waste to the holiday in a holocaust of epic proportions.Gifts are gnawed and pulled apart. Wrapping paper litters the carpet in sorry shreds. The tree topples, its broken branches trampled beneath little cat feet. It can happen, people! (Especially if you're breeding an army of cats for some reason.) Now, wouldn't it be great if something could keep those beasts in line and curb their destructive tendencies? Temptations, the maker of delectable cat treats, believes it has the solution.

Creative Execution

Twenty-two cats and kittens trained for three weeks, and were filmed for three days tearing the set apart. The cats' entrance and exit scenes proved complicated and time consuming, as the team had to create individual lanes of travel for each cat to take, says Truelove. Plus, "working with cats requires almost total silence and stillness on set while filming, so they don't get distracted," she says. Damn shaggy divas! (Except for the freaky hairless one with the bulgy eyes, of course.) Luckily, Brown had lots of experience setting up complex, challenging shoots."He has this weird, incredibly cool aesthetic," says agency executive creative director Rick Brim, "and he gets humor without trying to overplay it too much.” Sure, 22 cats—that's not overplaying it at all.

Received over 60 million views online. The campaign was well received around the world and increased sales overall.

We recorded a brand new rearrangement of the Xmas classic "Deck The Halls" which is then 'rudely' interrupted by an original thrash metal composition.

Like the commercial says, if you keep them busy, and "Treat them too," maybe, just maybe, the hellacious hairballs won't wreck the place."The internet is full of cats being cute and fluffy, but in reality cats are incredibly mischievous," client marketing director tells AdFreak. "That tension led to something quite fun in this Temptations holiday video and campaign.” Staged with great energy and expert pacing by Sam Brown of Rogue Films, the holiday wonderland set took five days to build.


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