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Name Company Position
Nugroho Nurarifin Grey Group Indonesia Executive Creative Director
Finy Tjong Grey Group Indonesia Senior Art Director
Miranda Wiriadinata Grey Group Indonesia Senior Copywriter
Yohanes Devan Rudinatha Grey Group Indonesia Art Director
Maria Priscilla Grey Group Indonesia Senior Graphic Designer
Monika Rudijono Grey Group Indonesia President Director
Sharan Sood Grey Group Indonesia Country Manager Team WPP P&G
Sawitri Hertoto Grey Group Indonesia Business Director
Shinta Ardaneswari Grey Group Indonesia Project Director
Donny Narendra Grey Group Indonesia Account Manager
Mahatma Putra Anatman Pictures Film Director
Natasha May Anatman Pictures Executive Producer
Dennis Hasangapon Anatman Pictures Associate Director
Tasha Anindita Anatman Pictures Producer
Aria Prayogi Treehouse Music Composer
Daphne Kuah Procter & Gamble Indonesia Country Marketing Manager
Elvin Rahardja Procter & Gamble Indonesia Brand Manager
Ayu Arindhita Procter & Gamble Indonesia Ass. Brand Manager
Ilmalana Grey Group Indonesia Strategic Planner
Octavianus Daud Grey Group Indonesia Digital Manager
Ainun Yasmin Grey Group Indonesia Social Media Officer

The Campaign

On the day of Eid, as a cultural norm Indonesians apologize to each other and ask for forgiveness to turn life anew, however apologizing to the one person who means the world to us; our mom is always difficult. A few weeks before before Ramadhan, we asked Indonesians ‘What do you want your mom to forgive you for this Eid? 17 best answers were selected and the new lyrics of Kasih Ibu (A Mother’s Love), a childhood song every Indonesian grew up listening to was pieced together using their social media statuses. The winners were trained in a choir to sing the new rendition, together with Pantene’s brand ambassador Anggun and Downy’s Andien. The mothers of winners were invited to a surprise concert, we recorded the performance and put the video online. The idea resonated with millions of Indonesian consumers and become the soundtrack of the season

Creative Execution

The campaign encapsulated all social media touch points, starting with KOL’s engaging consumers two months before Ramadan, this was followed by the launch of the video online which generated word of mouth and PR 15:1 ratio and within one month received more than 10 million views. The campaign was also brought alive in all channels across Indonesia impacting increase in direct sales and brand trial growth.

• Every P&G brand participant in the campaign grew share • The re-imagined Kasih Ibu received 10 million views in less than a month • PR value 15:1 • But more importantly, this year, Ramadhan in Indonesia had a new soundtrack. One that brings everyone to their mother closer than ever.

We re-created an Indonesian childhood classic called “Kasih Ibu” (moms love) with crowd sourced lyrics in partnership with the biggest Indonesian pop-stars Pantene’s brand ambassador Anggun (globally recognized Indonesian singer) and Downy’s Andien. (5 times best Indonesian artist awardee) The launch of the song took Indonesia by storm garnering 10 million views in one month, inspiring cover versions and ascertaining 27,000 organic shares. Radio stations played the song, the popularity of the songs prompted consumers to call the stations and express their opinions. The re-imagined childhood classic became “the sound track” of Ramadan in 2017.

When we grow-up life gets busy, career, friends, romantic interests, kids become our priority and mothers take a back seat. So while every other brand was trying to make Eid special for families at large, Pantene & Downy focused on the one person who makes Eid special. Mom. Indonesians culturally are not too expressive of their feelings in person, so we turned to a place where they more comfortable expressing themselves, social media. We took the special apology messages all Indonesians wanted to convey to their moms and turned it into a song which expressed what they wanted to say. The song became an ode to moms that could be shared with her. We turned every store into an opportunity for consumers to give back to moms with purchase linked promos which had a direct impact on sales.


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