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Idea Creation MEDIACOM Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation 2 MINTERACTION Bangkok, THAILAND
Media Placement MEDIACOM Bangkok, THAILAND
Media Placement 2 MINTERACTION Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Kaweewat Tantrakul mInteraction Creative Director
Jirat Arinrith mInteraction Executive Creative Director
Kanin Eiamprapar mInteraction Creative Group Head
Chawanwat Muakkaew mInteraction Copywriter
Perachai Chaichantippayoot mInteraction Art Director
Siriwit Pewon mInteraction Art Director

The Campaign

How to get the teenager to pay attention to ‘drink don’t drive’ campaign from Thai health promotion is a challenge for this campaign. Thais who access social media is 67% from total population, 13-29 years old are majority of social media users. They are 22.8 million people which account for 60% from total population. There is a number of Thai people stream for Songkran music playlist during festive period 6 millions times. This demonstrates Thai’s behavior that they love listening to music while it is a festival time. We found more that Songkran festival’s DNA is ‘Dance Music’ and being with girlfriends/ boyfriends are top priority of their lives. So the creative team came up with the idea that has never been used before in social campaign (Thai health promotion/ non-profit organization) ‘if you drunk-drive and something were to happen to you, I’ll get a new boyfriend’

Creative Execution

Implementation Before we launched the full MV, we did lyrics video as a teaser which also act as key channel to recruit talents that will be featured in the MV with Patty Ungsumalin. We choose hers to drive this campaign as she’s the teen idol with over 5 million followers on IG. The teaser got over 1 million views in 5 days and over 1,200 people applied to be featured in the MV. Two weeks later, the full MV was launched. After that we also amplify the campaign with gif content and photo comment on FB which users can save images and use with their friends and love ones. Timeline Teaser was launched 15 March to allow times to recruit participants. Then, on 3rd of Apr full MV was released just 10 days before Songkran holidays to grab attention of those who plan to return home or travel during Songkran.

On the first 8 hours of launch, this MV reached over 4 million people, 1 million views and 10,000 shares. The song went viral and received total 12 million views within 2 weeks from every online channel with over 374,000 engagements and 66,020 shares. The song was remixed on YouTube by DJs and transform to another 24 versions. The song was also played in all concerts and TV shows during Songkran holidays. Most importantly, number of people killed from road accident decrease 11.76% from last year.

This music video 'Songkran, Nah, Nah' use influencers of Thai teenagers who deliver the key message 'if drink don't drive' in score and lyrics which help to caution Thai teenagers stop and think carefully when they heard in dance music during Songkran festival.

We adapted the insight and created a dance song call “Songkran, Nah, Nah” with Double Tap, the leading duo band in Electronic Dance who has over 645K subscriber on YouTube. They are the influencer of Thai teenagers who help us deliver the music score and lyrics which was later produced as music video that will help caution Thai teenagers.


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