Product / ServiceLG G6
CategoryA05. Use of Original Composition
Idea Creation HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Media Placement HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Production HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Yoo Ran Woo HS Ad Account Director
Jong Ho Lee HS Ad Creative Director
Da Jung Kim HS Ad Account Manager
Se An Kang HS Ad Art Director
Sung Hun Yoon HS Ad Accoount Executive
Sun Bin Woo HS Ad Account Executive
Su Bin You HS Ad Account Executive
Hye Jin Kwon HS Ad Copywriter
Jin Young Kim HS Ad Copywriter

The Campaign

Music production collaborated project with artists who are very popular by the targets. Created two songs using sounds recorded with LG G6.

Creative Execution

From April 11 to May 15 of 2017, executed LG G6 Sound Studio campaign on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram with the media budget of 300,000,000 dollars. Also, produced the campaign microsite, The LG G6 sound source is provided on the site so that consumers can experience the high quality sound source produced. Held user generated music event to upload one's own song made using the LG G6 sound sources.

The LG G6 Sound Studio Videos achieved 456 million views of YouTube. Approximately over 250 consumers participated in the production entry. The campaign won viral effects of music, advertising, and smartphone enthusiasts.

LG G6 Sound Studio campaign is a collaboration project with artists to created new songs using sounds recorded with the product.

To highlight the importance of sound quality of smartphone through LG G6's excellent sound performance, produced the sound source using G6 from recording to listening.


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