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The Campaign

Today’s girl lives on her smartphone, with little differentiation to time spent between screen & the real world. We knew we had to lead with mobile. However, to trigger a new line of thought and change the context for sports among women, this just couldn’t be another campaign. We had to get under her skin - what does she watch? Who does she look up to? What will inspire her to break the taboo? The answer was Bollywood! Apart from being the largest-followed genre of content for women, today’s female actors in India are rewriting the rules…their struggles and achievements have made them true role models. And this reflected in our girls too – it’s what she consumes online and in the choices she makes because Bollywood is who she wants to be!

Creative Execution

On 31st May, #DaDaDing audio debuted on Mumbai’s top radio station (Radio One), whose RJ Erica took up an 8 week Nike challenge to inspire youth with her weekly achievements on-air. Simultaneously, the track was made discoverable on top music apps which increasingly is how our girls consumes new music. The International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) - Bollywood’s equivalent to the Oscars would launch the #DaDaDing video. Leading actress, Deepika Padukone who comes from a family of acclaimed athletes and is featured in #DaDaDing, gave a heartfelt speech (10th July) on how sports had personally shaped her life before playing the video in entirety to IIFA audiences present & those watching at home. Those who Shazammed the track could download Nike+ apps. The next day, #DaDaDing was promoted against top Bollywood YouTube videos along with monitoring of social conversations, to retarget said users with communication to get moving.

• #DaDaDing was audio streamed 2 Million times online, helping it reach #1 on iTunes India & Shazam's India Chart • The music video would reach 54 Million individuals via IIFA telecast and garner another 11.8 Million views online (close to 40% of those views being organic!) • Furthermore, over 50 User Generated Videos by users moving to #DaDaDing were tracked on FB & YouTube • Against 7 planned articles, a further 250 articles from leading online publications covered #DaDaDing • The defining moment for #DaDaDing came from Sheryl Sandberg; who reposted the video on her own Facebook page with a shout out to the everyday women athletes featured; the ultimate stamp of approval for a movement aimed at making women unstoppable • Thanks to #DaDaDing, Nike Training Club (Mumbai) saw 2x Sign-ups, 114% growth for Nike+ Apps and a 55% jump in Trial to Conversion across Nike Stores

Nike has always been known for changing the game. Using world famous athletes set against big sporting events, no brand can do it any better. However, for India, a country where sporting habits are just starting to take shape – could Nike become an enabler? Easier said than done with the challenge of making sport a part of the country’s ambitious youth, especially women who face a lot more barriers in playing sports. Infiltrating pop-culture, Nike’s message to get girls moving came through a music video – one designed to get more than just feet tapping.

Consumers today are bombarded by messages daily and with youth living completely digital lives, how could Nike get through to them? It would require many firsts, with Nike creating #DaDaDing – a powerful music video featuring a badass squad of everyday female athletes with the track powered by rapper Gizzle & producer Gener8ion. Not simply an attempt to connect with the youth, #DaDaDing would be a call-to-arms for young girls to let them know that they are as much athletes as they are women. Creatively, Nike had it covered. And while Nike traditionally looked at big sporting events, we now had to identify a platform in Bollywood that could deliver impact along with the influence it held over our girls. In many ways, Nike would appear where they were least expected to, but everything we did had to enable our consumers to get moving.

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