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Dan Mulligan DDB Sydney Senior Digital Producer
Will Kerr DDB Sydney Digital Producer

The Campaign

Aussies weren’t able to look past the Amarok’s posh European styling to see it for the beast of a ute that it is.  So, if our audience was going to judge a book by its cover, we needed to change the cover. In the world of car culture, prototypes have a cache and currency all of their own. People desperately want to find out what's hiding beneath a test vehicle’s camouflaged panels – to see what they can't yet have. We turned this intrigue and cultural desire into a platform. To demonstrate the toughness of the V6 Amarok without any distractions or misconceptions, we built an entirely new prototype shell for the V6 Amarok. One that looked as beastly as the V6 engine that powered it. It defied all expectations, and highlighted the pure power and exhilaration that this vehicle can deliver.

Creative Execution

The final product is a unique prototype variant of the V6 Amarok – dubbed the ‘Korama’. A fully functional, powerful vehicle capable of extreme off-roading. It was thoroughly tested by performance car enthusiasts, press, and lucky test-drivers over a month-long period. And is currently being toured around the rugged Australian outback to promote the powerful new V6 Amarok.

For weeks, this mystery prototype had the motoring industry buzzing. Then we flicked the switch on the reveal and changed the conversation from a powerful prototype to something people could buy. Sales rocketed. The new V6 model made up 36% of the total Amarok sales in the first month, with sales up 9.6% in a declining segment. It was the Amarok’s biggest January ever. And has reached record sales every month since. More importantly, we got Australians to rethink what a European truck was actually capable of.

This project was an integrated campaign executed across multiple platforms.

If we could get ute enthusiasts behind the wheel of an Amarok and take it for a completely unbiased test drive we knew that their experience would carry far more weight than us having to explain why the V6 Amarok is a category leader. Members of the public were invited to road test the vehicle at a secret test facility. Drive after drive, they thrashed this prototype vehicle around a rugged off-road track - and all the while had no idea it was a ute. And no idea it was a Volkswagen.  Finally, the truth was revealed - and they were stunned.